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Journal with me: An insight about flowers

I loved journaling about this insight a friend gave me about flowers.

Flowers give of their beauty and ask nothing in return.

This reminds me that this is the same for people. We give something good to others just as we are.

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Junk journal interview with Laura Bame (The Papered Soul)

I’m excited to share another junk journal interview with Laura, a lovely lady I discovered on YouTube known as The Papered Soul. She’s so sweet and fun, and what a lovely name.

I love Laura’s videos and creations. Her journals are absolutely beautiful and it’s an honour to interview her. Thank you so much Laura for taking the time to answer these questions and share so much of yourself and your journey. It was a pleasure getting to know you more and learning from you.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, I’m just a southern gal from North Carolina, born and raised.  I’m married with 4 fur baby kitty cats, whom I adore!  I have a saltwater fish, his name is Hobbs.  I’ve always loved animals.  I’m a Dental Hygienist, but not presently working.  Taking some time to work on my Etsy Shop, The Papered Soul, which is a shop that I opened to offer supplies with journal makers in mind, but also much of what I offer can supply any crafter, scrapbooker, card maker, doll maker and even people who are in need of some party supplies, etc.  I also enjoy making and selling my journals which I have been making for about 2 years now.  I have a YouTube Channel, also called The Papered Soul, where I enjoy sharing my creations.  I created my YouTube Channel because I wanted to be apart of this wonderful group of crafters who inspire and share their work.  I have never had anyone to craft with as my friends never seemed interested in it.  So, I have enjoyed getting to know so many creative souls out there and I love the encouragement that everyone provides for each other!


How did you come up with your business name?  


I just happen to be a soul that loves pretty papers and all of the wonderful creative things you can make with paper in addition to journals.  And when I am creating journals, my soul is happy.
How did you first hear of junk journals?


I have been creative all of my life.  I have loved cross stitching, quilting, crocheting, card making and stamping, jewelry making ( Figgy Lane Jewelry on Etsy  – my neglected jewelry shop 🙂 ) mixed media collage, art journaling…you name it, I have just about tried it all.  I had finally told my husband about 2 years ago that I was not going to be getting into anything new…that I had decided on those fun, creative things that I liked to do.  And right after I spoke those words into the universe, I stumbled across junk journals on YouTube.  I had been watching videos on mixed media collage and art journaling and I guess it was destined that I would find junk journals and, alas, a whole new world was opened up to me.  But the thing I loved about these journals was that I found a new purpose for my stamps that I have had for years and also for all of the beautiful paper pads that I would find at the craft stores.  I have purchased these pretty packs of papers for years and had no clue or purpose for them, but knew they were so lovely and surely I would find something wonderful to do with them:  Junk Journals, Y’all !!


What kind of junk journals do you make / do you have a particular style?


My journals are usually vintage and shabby chic in style, but I love all styles and I believe in branching out and trying anything and everything new that appeals to me.  I love colors, textiles, textures and fibers, ribbons and laces!  I always like to incorporate my lovely stamps…they’re too pretty and cute not to utilize.  I also like to add quotes, sayings and words to my journals.  All the pretty embellishments and the flips and flaps and fold outs and what nots!
How did you find your style?


I have certainly been inspired by many of the wonderful and talented ladies from the Junk Journal Junkies Facebook Group as well as on YouTube.  The thing I love about junk journals is that everyone has their own style even if the same kit or paper is used, it will always have the special touches of each individual.  All are unique and one of a kind!  The saying:  “We are only limited by our imagination” is so true and you never know what small thing will spark your creativity; which is another thing I love about journal making…you really never truly know what you’ll end up with in the end.  You may have an idea of what you want to do, and then be even more amazingly surprised at what actually comes to fruition from that original idea.  I also feel that one’s style can go through a continual transformation, too.


Do you use your junk journals?  How do you like to use them?


Well, I really haven’t created a journal specifically for myself since I usually sell them, but I would like to, eventually, and would want to use it for writing down my creative ideas, things I would like to do and try, keeping quotes tucked away…I would also like to organize a list of all of my wonderful friends and their information to their shops, websites and YouTube channels.  When I was doing my art journaling, I did some of the more typical journaling in those that kept up with special days and happenings…or the ho-hum “today was a good day or a bad day”…LOL.  I would also like to create a Gratitude Journal…that would be fun!


What do you love most about junk journals? 


Gosh…I love everything about them.  I love that anything goes…there’s no right or wrong.  If you like the look, go for it!  You can be kind to the environment by using up things that just get tossed away.  I do try to recycle everything possible in my home life anyway, but it’s a lovely thing to keep an envelope and make it pretty to add to a journal instead of putting it in the recycle bin.  I love the different size pages as you flip through that allow for different colors and textures to peek through.  I just love the freedom and creativity of junk journals.
Have you always been creative?  Tell us a bit about your creative journey.


As I said above, I have always been creative; it makes me happy, it feeds my soul, it’s peaceful.  When I was growing up, my family was in a constant state of dysfunction and discord and perhaps this is what pulled on me to escape the drama and feel good about something in life.  I had a Grandmother who was very special to me and she loved to sew and quilt, along with many other creative outlets, and I was very influenced by her.  Spending time with her was when I was the most content and happy when I was growing up.  She provided an environment of quiet, creative moments.  I miss her. 🙂  Today, as I am sewing paper for my journals…I always think of her and it brings such sweet and happy memories of her and I would love to see her reaction if I could just say to her:
Look , Grandmother, I’m sewing paper!!!  She would get a kick out of that!  I think she would love junk journals, too!


What does your junk journal process look like?  


I call my process, ‘The Gathering.”  I usually have an idea or a pretty kit, theme or beautiful paper that inspires me and that’s when I decide on the papers that will be in my journal and I start to pull out my stamps, look up quotes, consider beautiful thoughts that I could bring out onto a page.  I will take little sticky notes and jot down where I want pockets, tuck spots, belly bands, envelopes, stamps and stenciling etc. as I flip through my pages and stick it to those pages. I do this so, hopefully, there will always be something pretty to look at with each turn of a page.  I do try to make sure there is always a good balance of writing space as well.  Once I place these elements, I decide where I will do sewing in my journal and then get to work on tags and journal cards which I usually always sew around.  After this, I work on embellishments to the elements and I continue on until the journal tells me it is complete.  I know that sounds crazy, but I flip through the pages over and over again as I am creating my journal to get a feel for what I have on the pages so far and to figure out if it needs anything else. Often times, I will think, I am done, but as I flip through, something else will come to me which is why I always say:  The journal will tell me when it’s done! 🙂  I create my covers last and then sew in the signature(s).  Then I decorate the cover.
Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?  


Inspiration can come from just a color, which creates a mood which can quickly shift you to a theme etc.  But I get my inspiration from everywhere.  Of course, we all inspire one another.  I am always absorbing inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. Words inspire me, colors, textures.  I think the best opportunity for inspiration is to find your happy, crafting place and just start playing and you’ll be surprised what you come up with even if you don’t feel especially inspired.


What is your creative philosophy?  
My creative philosophy is to work with colors, themes and mediums that you enjoy the most and that is when you’ll come up with your best work.  As far as journals go…I think journals can be made and used for eye candy only or for actual journaling.  How lovely to just have a pretty journal that you can pull off the shelf and flip through and just enjoy for its creative beauty alone.  They don’t have to be written in…not everyone likes to write.


What is your current crafty project and what’s next?


I just finished up a Paper Stack Challenge by Pink Odd Bird on YouTube and I created 6 Traveler’s Notebook Sized Journals with a Paris and Travel theme.  These were so much fun to work on and because of paper stack I chose to work with, it was a nice change in style and color.  I do have 3 of these journals left for sale in my Etsy shop at the moment.  My next project will be a Halloween themed journal that I am creating for Ellie Pinkbutton Wilder of Ellsiebels BookShelf.  She has asked me to be on her Design Team for her journal kits that she has put together.   I would love to work on some more Halloween themed journals after that, but I think I’m running out of time…LOL.  I do have an autumn paper stack that I just recently purchased that I would love to create some journals with, so we will see…stay tuned! 🙂
What advice do you have for fellow junk journalers?


Create around what you love and enjoy and always be looking to learn new things and techniques, and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas!  But above all make sure that the time you spend perfecting your craft brings you joy and happiness and makes you smile!


What has the response been to your journals?


I have found that people have been very supportive and kind in this community.  It’s very inspiring and satisfying when you realize others like what you do as well!  I feel I have had a very positive response to my journals and what I have created thus far.


What are your dreams for the future with your journals and business?   


I am a soul that, if too much time goes by without being able to create or make anything, I literally start to wilt.  So, I will create and do creative things no matter what and in that process, I hope to make many journals that others will come to know and love and would like to call their own and grow my business where I can provide supplies and inspiration for others to do the same!
You can find Laura here:
YouTube Channel:  The Papered Soul
Etsy shop: The Papered Soul
Instagram: @thepaperedsoul

Junk journal interview with Eve

I’m so excited for this second interview in this series I’m doing where I interview some of my favourite junk journalers and get to now them a bit more.

I got to know Eve through her YouTube channel: Eve in Wonderland

I’ve loved following her journey and she’s been a lovely supporter of my journey too. It’s been great having a junk journal friend all the way from Switzerland.

Thank you so much Eve for letting me interview you.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Eve, 34 years old, and I live in Switzerland. I’m married and we live with our two lovely dogs outside of Zurich. I do have my own business where I’m selling handmade leather journals from India in my booth at medieval fairs. Between that, I’m working in my mother’s store, she sells medieval dresses and has also a booth on markets and fairs. I love animals, thrift store shopping, reading and spending time outside in the nature.

How did you first hear of junk journals?

The first time I’ve seen junk journals on Pinterest. After that, I searched for it on YouTube and then I found the “Junk journal junkies” group on Facebook.

How long have you been junk journaling?

For about two years now.

What kind of junk journals do you make/do you have a particular style?

I don’t have a particular style, but I love to give my journals a vintage look!

How did you find your style?

It has always been my style I think 😉

Do you use your junk journals?


How do you like to use them?

In different ways. Memory keeping, Art journaling, notebooks. Everything that’s worth for me to be remembered.

What do you love most about junk journals?

There is no right or wrong in making a junk journal. I love that i can just do whatever i want to, use materials that i like, however i like. Even what others would call “mistakes” are part of the creative process and add more charme to your creation.

Have you always been creative?


Tell us a bit about your creative journey?

As a child I loved to draw and glue pictures in notebooks. And I loved to watch my mother when she was sewing, I always wanted to help her. When I was old enough, she taught me how to use the sewing machine. As a teenager, I wrote a lot. I went through a rough time and writing all my feelings down helped me a lot to stay strong. Later I found my passion for sewing again. I was a huge fan of the “Lord of the Rings” Movies and so I started to sew dresses like that. Later I started making dreamcatchers and jewellery. Journaling has always been a part of my life. I started as a child, and still do it. But now I’m making my own journals for it, I love that.

What does your junk journal process look like?

It’s always different 🙂 First, there’s an idea. A special theme that I would like to do. Most of the time, I start with the cover. Then the pages, and lastly, all the embellishing and decorating.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

Lot of inspiration I find on YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook. But I have lots of own ideas, some from books that I’ve read, movies I’ve seen or people that just inspire me.

What is your creative philosophy (if you have one)?

Every journey starts with the first step. You just have to start, the rest will come by itself.

What is your current crafty project and what’s next?

I’m working on three botanical themed journals. The next…I don’t know yet. On my list is another boho-journal and a Fantasy-themed one.

What advice do you have for fellow junk journalers?

Do whatever you like! Your creations are a mirror of your soul. There is no right or wrong! Stop comparing with others, you are unique and beautiful!

How did you come up with your business name?

There were always so many snippets on my table and in my whole craft room 😀

What made you start a YouTube channel?

I honestly never thought of doing YouTube videos myself. But by watching other’s videos and seeing how kind and respectful that community is, i just tried it. I don’t regret it. To be able to share my passion with others all over the world is just amazing.

What has the response been to your journals?

It’s awesome. I got so much lovely and encouraging comments, it blows me away everytime I’m posting something new.

What are your dreams for the future with your journals and business?

I hope I can continue making journals. It’s a big part of my life now that I don’t wanna miss anymore. If I don’t sell them, that’s ok, because I just love and enjoy the process of making them. For my Etsy itself I wish to make other crafters happy, especially the ones that live in other countries. Sharing things that I find here makes me happy. Overall, I just wanna spread love and joy!

I love Eve’s beautiful vintage journals.

Check out her Etsy shop: The Snippet Shop


Junk journal interview with Reem (Paper Pixie)

I am so honoured to begin this junk journal interview series with the lovely Reem (Paper Pixie).

This series began because I wanted to interview all my favourite junk journalers to get them know them a bit more, hear about their journey, and share their work with others.

I’m especially excited that Reem is the first person I interviewed because I bought my very first junk journal from her. I absolutely love it and it’s inspired me so much.

Thank you so much, Reem, for letting me interview you.

Reem is 41, married with two girls (15 and 13), and she is Egyptian living in Dubai, UAE. 

How long have you been making journals?
Two years…and crafting in general for a little more than ten years.

How did you first hear of junk journals?
Either through facebook or youtube..can’t recall which 😊

What kind of junk journals do you make?
Usually vintage themed ones but I expanded into any theme I can think of.

Do you have a particular style/how did you find your style?
I tend to like the ones that have a vintage feel to them, using coffee dyed paper, old photos, etc.

Do you use your junk journals/how do you like to use them?
I make one for myself every year and use it throughout.
I use them as a gratitude journal and jotting down my crafty ideas.

What does your junk journal process look like?
I’m very organized in my crafty process 🙂
I go through steps and phases planned daily to get things done on time.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?
From fellow crafters on youtube, instagram and pinterest. Also from anything that grabs my attention in general.

What is your creative philosophy?
I don’t have a philosophy really…just whatever idea I have, I hit my space and craft craft craft.

How did you come up with your business name?
I was always fond of fairies, i think they’re magical. So since I use paper in all my crafts so hence paper pixie sounded perfecttt 👌🏼

What made you start a YouTube channel?
I have been admiring crafty youTubers for ages, and always wanted to show my work and get feedback on it to find out the good and the bad in what I do…I started when I thought that my work was finally worth sharing.

What has the response been to your journals?
Lately, I’m very happy and grateful for the great response and appreciation to my work that I get from the wonderful people in the community.

What are your dreams for your junk journal business?
To grow and reach as many people as possible to make them feel that it’s not hard at all to craft and get all your ideas out…everything is doable.

What is your current crafty project?
I’m currently on vacation but very soon will be returning to my craft room with a couple DT projects to finish and some new themes to work on.

What’s next on your crafty project list?
I’ve discovered a few new Etsy stores for digital kits and planning to work with a few.

What advice do you have for fellow junk journalers?
By far, the crafty community is the nicest community out there.
Stay supportive of each other and pour your crafty heart and mind out for everyone out there.

Aren’t Reem’s journals absolutely beautiful! I love them.

Check out her YouTube channel: PaperPixie

You can also follow her on Instagram: paperpixie_uae


Documenting a holiday through junk journaling

I went on a five-day holiday to Port Douglas with my mum, sister, and nephew.

We stayed in a beautiful holiday house right next to the beach and had a lovely time visiting some amazing places.

First we went to the Wildlife Habitat where my highlights were feeding and petting a kangaroo and seeing a cassowary for the first time.

The next day we went to Mossman Gorge which is very pretty with the sunlight filtering through the rainforest and the crystal clear water.

On our last day we went to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and my favourite butterfly was this stunning blue one:

We also went to Birdworld where a parrot landed on my shoulder and ate one of my shirt buttons.

In between sight-seeing we relaxed at the house: reading on the couches, sitting on the deck, going to the beach.

It was an amazing time but the thing I loved most was spending time with family.

I cried when we had to say good-bye and when I got home I felt heartbroken that I wasn’t with them anymore. I cried a lot that first night, and all the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about the holiday.

It made me appreciate family so much more and I was overwhelmed with love for them.

So, now I am making a journal to record the holiday and all it meant to me.

This is what journaling is about for me: capturing memories so that they will live on and documenting the things that mean something to me. It’s a healing and creative outlet that gives me so much joy.

I will be using all the ephemera I collected on the trip: brochures, flyers, postcards, tickets, receipts, etc. Plus lots of photos, of course.

I’ll share the journal in a later post.

Have you made a journal to record a holiday?


The story behind the Willowbound name

Back at my childhood home, there was a magnificent willow at the front of the yard. It was massive!

I grew up playing under that willow and it was magical. I loved it in summer when no-one could see me through the curtain of leaves.

I felt like a princess climbing its branches, and my imagination ran wild as I made up stories and fantasy lands.

The willow was my favourite place; it was a place of beauty and  wonder and it felt like home.

Sadly, when the house was sold, the willow was cut down. But this weeping willow will always be one of my special memories.

The willow symbolises to me the heart of a journal.

A journal is a place where you can be yourself. It’s a place where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s a place where you can be creative and express yourself. It’s a place where you can document your memories, keep your treasures, and record your life. It’s a place of beauty and wonder. And it’s a place that feels like home.

Happy Mail

Card Giveaway

I love sending letters and cards in the mail. I especially love sending handmade cards.

I make cards in bulk then slowly send them throughout the year. I ran out of cards though, so when I had two cards I needed to send, I thought I’d quickly make two up.

Two turned into fifty-four.

I tried a new technique with napkins and loved it so I got a bit carried away. I adore them!

So, after going on a card-making frenzy, I wrote in two of the cards and now I have fifty-two cards left.

Yay, I unexpectedly got my bulk lot of cards done.  I’ll send some as proper cards that I write in, but I’ll also send blank ones as part of Happy Mail packages. Then people can use them either to send to someone or in their art projects.

But since there are so many, I thought I’d do a giveaway too.

I’ll send a fellow blogger two of each card design (along with some extra goodies – it will be a mini Happy Mail).

To enter, just leave a comment saying what you’d love to do with the cards.

Which card do you like best?

Happy Mail

How a card from a blogger encouraged me

Yesterday I received a beautiful card in the mail from America from a fellow blogger. It was such a lovely surprise.

She was one of the people who entered my bookmark giveaway and I sent her a letter with the bookmark she requested. I wasn’t expecting any return mail so I was confused when I saw the envelope from America.

Then I opened it and when I read the card it made my day. The blogger thanked me for the bookmark and my kindness and generosity. She also said I reminded her to focus on what’s important at a time when she was struggling to be herself. She said I gave her an incredible gift and she was deeply grateful.

Wow! I’m never sure if my art and my words mean anything to people and when I wrote the letters with encouraging words to the giveaway winners, I wasn’t sure how they would be received. So to actually hear that what I created/wrote/gave spoke to someone was such an encouragement to me

I use writing and art to build people up, but to know that it actually does build people up reminds me I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

Not everyone understands what I do but I’ve come to a place where I know all I have to do is write and create and trust that God will use it to impact people. I’ve come to accept I may never know how it impacts people, but when I do get a glimpse of it, it’s so encouraging.

When have you been encouraged?


Junk Journal

Last night I discovered junk journals. Wow!!!!!!! I was so inspired that I got started straight away.

The idea with a junk journal is to use all those scrap bits of paper and craft supplies that you never seem to use but never throw away.

I LOVE this idea. I’m a hoarder and I love finding new ways to use the things I’ve kept. Pretty papers, old artwork, paper cuttings. I love that you can stick anything you want in there: envelopes, book pages, photos, letters, etc. It can be a scrapbook, photo album, travel journal, or more of a blank journal.

I saw some beautiful junk journals on Youtube. Some journals are made from actual books, some are made from notebooks, others are made from scratch. Some are themed, some are used for keeping photos, others are used for keeping lists.

Some of the journals look like beautiful books in themselves, works of art, that you wouldn’t journal in because you can’t write on the decorated pages. I’d rather a journal that I can actually write in since I love functionality as much as creativity. But I definitely love the idea of making the journal look pretty.

I’ll have to experiment with different styles and I got started last night.

I have two copies of some Harry Potter books so I got the first one from the series and used it as my junk journal experiment. I may keep it or give it away as gift.

I ripped out the back pages which had the covers pictures and I plan to use these later on in the journal.

I left the first pages blank because they can be used to write on as is, plus I like keeping some of the original pages in the journal.

On the next page I covered over the copyright info and the dedication. I thought it would be cool to write a quote on the left page and your name on the right page.

PVA didn’t work too well on the pages because it made them soggy so I used washi tape to stick my papers in.

I’m going to keep at least one page from each chapter in the journal.

I’m not a fan of these pages. But all about experimenting. I left one side of the papers un-taped to create a pocket.

I used distress ink for these pages and quite like the effect.

Then I started using gesso as a glue and realised it would probably be good to put gesso on anyway so pen and texta won’t bleed through the paper. Not sure how well it will work though because I’m not sure what types of pens you can use to write on gesso.

So they are the pages I’ve done so far.

I’ve love the idea that a junk journal doesn’t have to be perfect. They can be rustic or more care can be taken.

Here are the videos that inspired me:

The first one is more rustic while the second one is a work of art that I absolutely love. It’s beyond my skill at the moment but one day I hope to create something like that.

For now I’m sticking with the most basic junk journal but looking forward to making my own pages from scratch.

What do you think?