Happy Mail

Card Giveaway

I love sending letters and cards in the mail. I especially love sending handmade cards.

I make cards in bulk then slowly send them throughout the year. I ran out of cards though, so when I had two cards I needed to send, I thought I’d quickly make two up.

Two turned into fifty-four.

I tried a new technique with napkins and loved it so I got a bit carried away. I adore them!

So, after going on a card-making frenzy, I wrote in two of the cards and now I have fifty-two cards left.

Yay, I unexpectedly got my bulk lot of cards done.  I’ll send some as proper cards that I write in, but I’ll also send blank ones as part of Happy Mail packages. Then people can use them either to send to someone or in their art projects.

But since there are so many, I thought I’d do a giveaway too.

I’ll send a fellow blogger two of each card design (along with some extra goodies – it will be a mini Happy Mail).

To enter, just leave a comment saying what you’d love to do with the cards.

Which card do you like best?

Happy Mail

Sending more mail

After receiving surprise mail from a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to send more mail.

So I made a little pack for the fellow blogger and one for another person I met through a different blog.

This other person helped me process some things in my life through many emails over a few years. She was an amazing listening ear with no judgement and she helped me to be okay with vulnerability. There were things I couldn’t tell people out of fear but I told her because it was easier to tell a stranger. This then led to me being able to open up with people in my life.

I’m so thankful for her and the part she’s played in my life, so I always want to stay in contact with her and we mail each other letters now (since I don’t need email to vent to her anymore).

I love using words and creativity to encourage people, and it’s so cool that I can do this even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Definitely love mail.

Anyone else love sending mail?

Happy Mail

How a card from a blogger encouraged me

Yesterday I received a beautiful card in the mail from America from a fellow blogger. It was such a lovely surprise.

She was one of the people who entered my bookmark giveaway and I sent her a letter with the bookmark she requested. I wasn’t expecting any return mail so I was confused when I saw the envelope from America.

Then I opened it and when I read the card it made my day. The blogger thanked me for the bookmark and my kindness and generosity. She also said I reminded her to focus on what’s important at a time when she was struggling to be herself. She said I gave her an incredible gift and she was deeply grateful.

Wow! I’m never sure if my art and my words mean anything to people and when I wrote the letters with encouraging words to the giveaway winners, I wasn’t sure how they would be received. So to actually hear that what I created/wrote/gave spoke to someone was such an encouragement to me

I use writing and art to build people up, but to know that it actually does build people up reminds me I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

Not everyone understands what I do but I’ve come to a place where I know all I have to do is write and create and trust that God will use it to impact people. I’ve come to accept I may never know how it impacts people, but when I do get a glimpse of it, it’s so encouraging.

When have you been encouraged?


Finished the journal gift for a friend

It’s my friend’s birthday today so I printed her journal and got it bound.

It’s A5 sized and has a clear plastic cover on the front and black card on the back.

Love how it turned out.

Just got to write the dedication and will add some ephemera like envelopes, tags, and notes.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

So excited to have made my own journal. Ticked it off the bucket list.

Might make more of these.

What do you think?

Junk journal

Setting up my junk journal

I made a cover for my 2017  junk journal by using some papers from a paper pad that a friend bought me for my birthday.

It’s a simple cover but I love how it turned out like windows and the papers are so pretty.

I also made some charms for the spine of the journal.

It includes a cowboy hat charm and two glass beads that I got when I went to Camp Cobbold, a bracelet that a stranger gave me for my birthday, and a vial of blue glitter that I got from my mum for my birthday.

There’s room for more charms in case I get anything else I want to add by the end of the year. And I left the back cover blank and will wait to see what other papers I get.

The last thing I did to set up my journal was add some cards to the first pages. One is a name card and the other is for details I’ll record for every journal I make: date made, number of pages, date started, date finished, my signature, and what the journal is used for.

Yay, ready to get to some actual junk journaling now and decorate the pages with pictures and ephemera. Still not sure how exactly I’m going to do this but trying not to be a perfectionist and just have fun and learn from the process.

Any other junk journalers out there?


My personal junk journal

Now that I can bookbind, I’ve made myself a junk journal.

I made myself a spiral bound one before but it wasn’t in a style that suited what I wanted to use it for. Plus, the handbound journals are so much better than the spiral bound version.

Here are the tools I use: awl, bookbinding needle, thread.

I used a hardcover book cover with five signatures (the bobby pins keep the pages aligned while I bind them to the cover):

And here’s what it looks like with the signatures all nicely bound in the cover:

So this is my 2017 junk journal where I’ll capture the major moments of the year. Thus, I only used papers in the signatures that are relevant to 2017 along with the filler blank pages.

They include pamphlets, drawings from my niece and nephews, music paper I bought, and pages from a colouring book.

I love that I can actually use the ephemera as pages. I even included a piece of a bandana that I got from a camp.

I’m so excited. Now I can finally fill this journal with all the ephemera I’ve collected from this year and record all the memories.


My first go at bookbinding multiple signatures

I’m so excited!!! I did my first proper bookbinding for a junk journal with multiple signatures. It’s so much easier and quicker than I thought and I love how it looks.

I used a biscuit box for the cover and random scrap papers for the signatures just to experiment.

This is how it turned out:

I love it! It looks like a proper book and full of lots of pages to journal on.

One of the biggest limitations to the spiral bound journals was that you couldn’t fit many pages in it. But these handbound journals have lots of pages with lots of room to decorate and add ephemera and photos.

I’m definitely hooked on bookbinding now and will bookbind all journals from now on.


My first go at bookbinding

I finally bought the tools to bookbind my own journals and had a go.

I’d been putting this off for a while because it looked too complicated and I thought it would be really tedious to do that sewing.

But after making junk journals from spiral bound books, I’m come to the limits of the pre-bound book and needed to move on to the quality of sewn binding.

I found a simple enough looking way to bind on YouTube and I got started.

First I experimented with just a single signature to bind. I used a thin hardbound cover and this is how it turned out:

It was much easier than I thought. The next test: binding multiple signatures.

I’ll share that in the next post.


Made a journal from old art projects

Now that I’m into junk journaling I’m getting into using my old artwork as journal pages.

I’ve got folders and folios of artwork I’ve done throughout my life. Back when I was in year 12 I focused on watercolours in art. I also used acryclics and pastels to experiment with watercolor effects.

Since there are so many watercolour pages, I used them to create a journal. I scanned them, printed them, then got them stapled.

I’m not sure what I would use it for but I like how it turned out.

Happy Mail

Sending my first happy mail

I’m so excited to be sending my first happy mail.

I discovered a Facebook group that does arty happy mail swaps and I’ve got two people to send mail to at the moment.

I had fun shopping for them as well going through my stash. I included some handmade gifts as well.

I love that I can connect with people from around the world who share my love of art and junk journaling.

Excited to see how this all unfolds.

Do you send happy mail?