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Vintage paper pack in my Etsy

I had fun putting together this vintage paper pack with all the pages I love using in my vintage journals.

The heart behind this pack was to save people the time, money, and storage space of having to find books, buy them and then store them.

I’ve already collected the books and I know how much space they take up. There are plenty of pages to go around, so, I’m  very happy to share.

In this pack you’ll receive 50 pages. There is a large variety of pages, mostly vintage, but some I included because they go well with the vintage theme.

A couple packs have already sold, but there are still some in my Etsy: Willowbound Journals


Embellished tags made from scraps

I had fun making some tags from scraps.

The scraps I used were off-cuts from a scrapbook paper pack that I made a few journals out of.

I used to throw out my scraps but not anymore. Not when you can create something beautiful and useful.

Here’s a tutorial:

Junk journal

Reusing music paper and napkins

I’ve been making some embellishments for junk journals, and here I’ve been working on envelopes.

I used music paper from a series of music books I got from an op-shop to make the envelopes.

Then I used a bunch of napkins in my stash. All of them except for three I got in happy mail from people all around the world.

I’m so glad because I live in a small country town and can’t find pretty napkins like these.

I always ask for blue birds, blue butterflies, and peacocks so I’m thankful for these treasures from people.

I love how the envelopes turned out. I made about 70. Yep, I do things in bulk.

Here’s a video I filmed of the envelopes if you want to know a bit more about the process and see them in more detail:

What do you think?

Junk journal

A video of my 2018 personal junk journal

Here is my second YouTube video sharing my new personal junk journal for the year.

I wanted to do a video showing the blank journal but I couldn’t wait and already did some pages. But it’s mostly blank and shows you what I start with.

Hope you like it. If you do please like it and leave a comment. Also, subscribe if you’d like to see more of my junk journals. Each time I hit a milestone, I’ll be doing a giveaway – yay!

Junk journal

My latest junk journal – Vintage Pink

I bought this book from an op-shop for the beautiful cover. It had a jacket but I took that off and mostly left the cover as is. I added a Project Life card the person who owns it can write their name or a word that means something to them.

I covered the inside of the covers with some floral paper so it looks like the actual inside of a book. I’d like to do this with all junk journals with book covers from now on.

I love the papers in this journal. I bought some new paper pads and I included illustrations from a children’s poetry book. I also included pages from my favourite magazine: Daphne’s Diary.

Plus there’s all the other papers: music paper, coloured paper, and coffee-dyed paper. And of course the bags, pockets, and tags.

This is my favourite journal I’ve made so far.

I’ll definitely buy more of these books and do more of this style.

Happy Mail

Happy mail from Germany

Yay, so excited to receive this package today.

It’s so fun opening up the happy mail. I love the surprise. This one was packed!

So many papers. Lots of music paper, book pages, some beautiful pictures, and some really cool German writing books and papers.

Can’t wait to make junk journals out of all this.

Happy Mail

Receiving and sending more happy mail

I was so excited to have this package waiting for me when I returned from holidays.

I love the mystery and surprise.

I received this package from America and, wow, there was a lot! I especially love the papers and lace trims.

Can’t wait to use these supplies in junk journals.

I put together this package to send back:

I love putting together these packages.

I included a range of papers: book pages, magazine pages, scrapbook paper, music paper, colouring pages, notebook pages.

There are tags, fabrics, ribbons, stickers, and some extra goodies like an owl pendant and purple scarf.

Junk journal

Made a junk journal with tea-dyed paper

For this junk journal I used an old book cover. I gutted it, pulling out the pages, then handbound my signatures in it.

For the signatures I used the paper I tea and coffee-dyed. I also used pages from a Tim Holtz paper pad.

I’m experimenting with the vintage style junk journal and so far I think it’s my favourite style.

Pretty happy with this first go at it.