Art, Junk journal

Tag pockets

Loved making this embellishment full of pockets for tags.

So fun!

Art, Junk journal

My new creative studio/gallery/bookshop

My dream to have my own creative studio/art galley/bookshop is actually turning into a bit of a reality.

We don’t use the lounge room so my dad sectioned off half of it to turn it into my creative studio.

Here are the benches he made:

I divided them up into different areas.

This is my art section with my Prismacolor drawings:

This is a section for my bookmarks and cards:

This is my art section with folders of artwork from my younger years:

This is my jewellery section:

This is my published writing corner:

This is the start of my secondhand bookshop:

And this is my junk journal section:

And a shot of the beginnings of my studio:

My dad is in the process of making another shelf underneath the benches, and I’ll hang y artwork on the walls.

Eventually I’d like to have people come visit and it can be a bit like a market. I’d also love to hold creative/writing workshops and gatherings here.

What do you think of my studio?


Made some more Christmas cards

I sold my first cards today. A friend asked me if I made cards and if she could buy some to give to the community along with a Christmas ham or pudding that she was giving them.

I already had these cards made:

Then I went shopping for more supplies and made more cards with two different designs (ribbon border with tree – first picture, and reindeer with decorations – below) for her to choose from as well.

She bought seven of these because she wanted something extra special with a handmade touch where thought and love went into the making.


New art supplies

I’ve been discovering new art brands through YouTube and the world of junk journaling.

My favourite at the moment is Tim Holtz. So I got a mini Tim Holtz haul.

I love his vintage stuff and the ephemera. Was so excited to get my first craft ephemera. But most of all I loved the pocket cards.

I discovered journal cards through YouTube as well and was on the lookout for them. Then I discovered Project Life does a range of journal cards so in my next craft haul I got two sets.

I absolutely love them!

I also got a round corner punch and some Tim Holtz stickers.

Junk journaling has certainly opened up a whole new world for me!


Finished the journal gift for a friend

It’s my friend’s birthday today so I printed her journal and got it bound.

It’s A5 sized and has a clear plastic cover on the front and black card on the back.

Love how it turned out.

Just got to write the dedication and will add some ephemera like envelopes, tags, and notes.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

So excited to have made my own journal. Ticked it off the bucket list.

Might make more of these.

What do you think?


My personal junk journal

Now that I can bookbind, I’ve made myself a junk journal.

I made myself a spiral bound one before but it wasn’t in a style that suited what I wanted to use it for. Plus, the handbound journals are so much better than the spiral bound version.

Here are the tools I use: awl, bookbinding needle, thread.

I used a hardcover book cover with five signatures (the bobby pins keep the pages aligned while I bind them to the cover):

And here’s what it looks like with the signatures all nicely bound in the cover:

So this is my 2017 junk journal where I’ll capture the major moments of the year. Thus, I only used papers in the signatures that are relevant to 2017 along with the filler blank pages.

They include pamphlets, drawings from my niece and nephews, music paper I bought, and pages from a colouring book.

I love that I can actually use the ephemera as pages. I even included a piece of a bandana that I got from a camp.

I’m so excited. Now I can finally fill this journal with all the ephemera I’ve collected from this year and record all the memories.


My first go at bookbinding multiple signatures

I’m so excited!!! I did my first proper bookbinding for a junk journal with multiple signatures. It’s so much easier and quicker than I thought and I love how it looks.

I used a biscuit box for the cover and random scrap papers for the signatures just to experiment.

This is how it turned out:

I love it! It looks like a proper book and full of lots of pages to journal on.

One of the biggest limitations to the spiral bound journals was that you couldn’t fit many pages in it. But these handbound journals have lots of pages with lots of room to decorate and add ephemera and photos.

I’m definitely hooked on bookbinding now and will bookbind all journals from now on.


My first go at bookbinding

I finally bought the tools to bookbind my own journals and had a go.

I’d been putting this off for a while because it looked too complicated and I thought it would be really tedious to do that sewing.

But after making junk journals from spiral bound books, I’m come to the limits of the pre-bound book and needed to move on to the quality of sewn binding.

I found a simple enough looking way to bind on YouTube and I got started.

First I experimented with just a single signature to bind. I used a thin hardbound cover and this is how it turned out:

It was much easier than I thought. The next test: binding multiple signatures.

I’ll share that in the next post.