The story behind the Willowbound name

Back at my childhood home, there was a magnificent willow at the front of the yard. It was massive!

I grew up playing under that willow and it was magical. I loved it in summer when no-one could see me through the curtain of leaves.

I felt like a princess climbing its branches, and my imagination ran wild as I made up stories and fantasy lands.

The willow was my favourite place; it was a place of beauty and  wonder and it felt like home.

Sadly, when the house was sold, the willow was cut down. But this weeping willow will always be one of my special memories.

The willow symbolises to me the heart of a journal.

A journal is a place where you can be yourself. It’s a place where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s a place where you can be creative and express yourself. It’s a place where you can document your memories, keep your treasures, and record your life. It’s a place of beauty and wonder. And it’s a place that feels like home.

16 thoughts on “The story behind the Willowbound name”

  1. I LOVE willows and feel the same way about them. I love that’s this is where your new name came from. It has been beautiful watching your journey. You are inspiring and now your business name is as well! 💗


    1. Aww, I’m so glad! Really happy that the name and story has resonated with so many people. I did go on a bit of a journey, didn’t I? A bit of a different direction but feels like I found my home with making journals.
      And so good to hear from you again. I noticed you deleted your blog. Will you be starting another one? My thoughts were with you and your dog and hope you’re well.

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      1. I’m so happy junk journals were so inspiring for you. I remember your early posts on them and it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since then!

        I still have my blog, but I changed the name to Not Quite a Literary Critic. I needed it to be something different and I’ve reflected a lot on what I want it to be, though it’s not quite there yet. I posted twice this week and have one scheduled for next week, so hopefully, I’ll keep getting posts up!

        My sweet angel passed away in February. It’s a huge part of the reason I’ve been gone for so long. At first, I was consumed with caring for her and giving her the best possible last few months and then, I was grieving. Blogging was too tied up with her and I couldn’t come back. Though, I also stopped crocheting after her death until very recently. I’m slowing coming out of that grief fog and moving forward.

        I’ve missed your blog and I’m so looking forward to reading it more regularly instead skimming a few emails here and there!


        1. Sorry, silly auto correct messed up the blog name – Not Quite a Literary Critique. But thank you so much for reminding me that I needed to change my information on my profile so when I comment, people can find my blog, if they want. To make it easier, I thought I’d paste it here, in case you’re interested. My weekly “conclusions” likely will include a lot about me and what my thoughts and/ or experiences are reading my books over the last week. I know you prefer that kind of thing over reviews. I do plan on doing reflections again, but am still thinking carefully about what that will look like. I’ve learned a lot from my conversations with you on what to put in my blog already, but if you ever have any thoughts, please do share!

          I’m so happy for you! Your passion really shows.


          1. Ah, all good, no worries. I’m going to bed now but looking forward to spending the afternoon tomorrow reading your posts – yay! Definitely excited to read your thoughts and reflections again. But just do what you love to write about, for sure. Whatever brings you joy and helps you.
            Thanks so much!

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          2. I definitely plan on writing more of what I love to write about and discuss, but I’m probably going to have to work up to it a bit. It will involve some vulnerability and self-disclosure and I’m still a bit nervous about that. But you inspire me to do just that. You also inspire me to push forward with this idea I had last year of making crochet figures of literary characters and post them on the blog for sale. You’ve had so much success with sharing something you love that it makes me think I could as well!


          3. Awesome, sounds great! And that’s fine, just take your time and do what works for you. It will all be in the right timing.
            Wow, how cool, what a great idea to combine your love of books with crochet. Where did you get the idea? It’s pretty amazing what can be done with crochet.

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          4. I came across a crochet book which had some patterns for literary characters. Sometimes, I still think it’s a silly idea, but I love crocheting little animals and figures much more than clothes and blankets and I love books! I have a backlog of crochet projects right now, but I hope to test it out soon!


        2. I know, right! I had no idea where this junk journaling thing would lead me but so glad I found it.
          Oh, awesome, will definitely check out your new blog. I
          That’s totally understandable. I was thinking of you and your angel while you had your break and wasn’t sure if you’d come back after. But glad you’re here again – yay! But definitely so hard. I spent nights crying when my dog died. Such horrible pain. But definitely with time, the thought of her gives me so much joy which finally outweighed the pain.
          I still have her photos up everywhere (it’s been seven years since she died) as a reminder she’s always in my heart. I can see some of them right now, on the front wall of my bedroom, as I type.
          Makes me smile!

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          1. The joy does end up outweighing the pain. I have a painting of her on my wall that I see many times a day and it warms my heart. Sometimes, it’s still too much to see lots of pictures of her, but I remember her joy and I hold on to that. She was incredibly precious and I want to keep that memory of her.

            I’m so sorry you lost your dog as well. It can be a hard loss. I’m so glad you have her around you and she brings you joy. That is wonderful!


          2. That is so lovely you have a painting.
            I’m so glad I took lots of photos of my dog and one in particular captures her really well, so I’m really glad I have that one.
            I’ll have to do a journal spread about her, now that you’ve got me thinking. I really want to make a journal where I capture special memories, thoughts, treasures.

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