Junk journal

Journal with me: An insight about flowers

I loved journaling about this insight a friend gave me about flowers.

Flowers give of their beauty and ask nothing in return.

This reminds me that this is the same for people. We give something good to others just as we are.

Junk journal

My favourite junk journal so far – SOLD

I bought a hardcover book from an opshop, gutted it and used it to make this junk journal.

It’s the largest one I’ve made and so I could really show off the papers.

I decorated the covers and spine with Tim Holtz paper.

The signatures are made from tea and coffee-dyed papers and more of the Tim Holtz papers interspersed.

Thinking of keeping this one for myself to use as my 2018 junk journal.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

Junk journal

Made another handbound junk journal – SOLD

Spent yesterday morning making this junk journal.

Getting the hang of binding the signatures to the cover, lining them up and and making them look neat.

I experimented and made pockets and fold-out pages before the binding instead of after. Will definitely do that again.

Would you believe I made it out of a biscuit box?

This is one of my favourites.

What do you think?


My personal junk journal

Now that I can bookbind, I’ve made myself a junk journal.

I made myself a spiral bound one before but it wasn’t in a style that suited what I wanted to use it for. Plus, the handbound journals are so much better than the spiral bound version.

Here are the tools I use: awl, bookbinding needle, thread.

I used a hardcover book cover with five signatures (the bobby pins keep the pages aligned while I bind them to the cover):

And here’s what it looks like with the signatures all nicely bound in the cover:

So this is my 2017 junk journal where I’ll capture the major moments of the year. Thus, I only used papers in the signatures that are relevant to 2017 along with the filler blank pages.

They include pamphlets, drawings from my niece and nephews, music paper I bought, and pages from a colouring book.

I love that I can actually use the ephemera as pages. I even included a piece of a bandana that I got from a camp.

I’m so excited. Now I can finally fill this journal with all the ephemera I’ve collected from this year and record all the memories.


My first go at bookbinding multiple signatures

I’m so excited!!! I did my first proper bookbinding for a junk journal with multiple signatures. It’s so much easier and quicker than I thought and I love how it looks.

I used a biscuit box for the cover and random scrap papers for the signatures just to experiment.

This is how it turned out:

I love it! It looks like a proper book and full of lots of pages to journal on.

One of the biggest limitations to the spiral bound journals was that you couldn’t fit many pages in it. But these handbound journals have lots of pages with lots of room to decorate and add ephemera and photos.

I’m definitely hooked on bookbinding now and will bookbind all journals from now on.


My first go at bookbinding

I finally bought the tools to bookbind my own journals and had a go.

I’d been putting this off for a while because it looked too complicated and I thought it would be really tedious to do that sewing.

But after making junk journals from spiral bound books, I’m come to the limits of the pre-bound book and needed to move on to the quality of sewn binding.

I found a simple enough looking way to bind on YouTube and I got started.

First I experimented with just a single signature to bind. I used a thin hardbound cover and this is how it turned out:

It was much easier than I thought. The next test: binding multiple signatures.

I’ll share that in the next post.


Made a journal from old art projects

Now that I’m into junk journaling I’m getting into using my old artwork as journal pages.

I’ve got folders and folios of artwork I’ve done throughout my life. Back when I was in year 12 I focused on watercolours in art. I also used acryclics and pastels to experiment with watercolor effects.

Since there are so many watercolour pages, I used them to create a journal. I scanned them, printed them, then got them stapled.

I’m not sure what I would use it for but I like how it turned out.


Making a creative journal for a friend’s birthday

My friend showed me her Wreck It Journal and I was inspired to make her my own journal with prompts that resonate with me.

She’s like my adopted little sister and I’ll be giving this to her for her 14th birthday. I hope for the journal to not just be a fun book of activities but a keepsake full of special moments and memories.

So it includes prompts like getting letters from friends and family, writing down favourite quotes/lyrics/scriptures, and answering questions about life.

It incorporates self-discovery and self-expression with record-keeping.

Plus there are lots of random prompts like:

  • Go for a walk and find a feather/flower/leaf to stick in the journal
  • Take a selfie and stick it in the journal
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Write a bucket list
  • Spray perfume on a page
  • Test all your nail polishes on a page
  • Cover a page in glitter
  • Draw a timeline of your life
  • Trace your footprint

Next week I’ll print the book and have it spiral bound ready to give to her on her birthday.

Any suggestions for prompts I could use?

Junk journal

Made a personal junk journal and how I’m going to use it

Finally, after making four junk journals I found a style that I want to work with.

It’s the simpler version so I can add the ephemera and embellishments when I actually journal. The idea with this journal being that I can decorate it as I go rather than be restricted by pages that have already been decorated.

So, the cover is simple and I can decorate it later if I want:

The pages are a mix of scrapbook pages, music paper, pattern paper, pages from other notebooks, book pages, as well as pages made from my own ephemera.

Here are some of the pages:

A picture from my nephew on the left, lots of tags on the right in a tuck spot
Pages from The Hobbit which I read this year. (They’re from an old copy, I have another copy on my bookshelf.)
Pages from a colouring-in journal I was given as a present at the start of the year.
One of the colouring pages from the book I got from my grandma when she died earlier this year.

As I was creating this journal I figured out how I’m going to use it.  It’s going to be a 2017 junk journal where I’ll journal the milestones and memorable moments from this year and add all the ephemera I’ve collected just for this year.

That way it’s a themed journal and I’ll be able to find anything to do with 2017 in it. If it works out well I’ll make a junk journal for every year. And depending on how much ephemera I’ve collected in previous years, I can make a junk journal for each past year too.

I think this way of organising the junk journal will work for me because I can still have my daily writing journal and it won’t overlap too much. Plus, it works because instead of having a file with the ephemera I’ve collected for each year, I can have a junk journal.

So excited to finally have a system that might work for me since finding a way to organise how I record my life from birth till now has been the biggest wrestle.

Still got a few things to work out though. Not sure if I’ll journal randomly in the book jumping round the pages or work through it from cover to cover. And not sure if I’ll journal as I go or leave the journal till the end of each year and fill it in. Or maybe I can do a thing where I journal once a week or once a month to record the year.

For now, I don’t think I can wait with my 2017 journal. Just want to get started and experiment. And since so much of the year has passed anyway, I have a lot to journal.

Here’s my 2017 stash of ephemera I’ve collected:

It includes letters, cards, artwork from my niece and nephews, business cards from places I’ve gone too, some vintage ephemera and pictures that I like, peacock feathers, a ribbon I wore to my first dance performance, plane tickets, and so much more.

I’m also going to include a list of all the books I read in 2017, the movies I saw, and will keep two pages free for my list of favourites which is something I do every New Year’s Eve (e.g. favourite food, season, day, flower, etc.). It’s cool to look back on and see how I’ve changed.

My simple junk journal for 2017.
Junk journal

Made my second junk journal

I had a stack of vintage music books and papers that I got from an antique shop and was so glad to use it for this project.

I suppose this is a more traditional junk journal than my first one since I’ve had the papers in storage for years.

This time I used an A5 visual diary as the base and it’s much easier to work with than the wooden boards I used as a base for the last one.

So I’m going to use visual diaries from now on. They’re only $2.50 each and the pages come with it so I don’t have to hole-punch and insert my own pages.

Here’s a look at some of the pages with pockets, flaps, inserts, tags, decorative features, and plenty of space and paper clips to add more paper to write on or ephemera:

One of the music books was for the saxophone and one looked like the score for a production. I also had a bunch of music paper for a piece of music with each music sheet being for a different instrument.

I loved having a range of papers to work with, rather than just straight music paper.

I’ve still got a lot of music paper left but definitely want to get more. Looking forward to going back to the antique shop and raiding their music papers. They’ve got heaps!

I’m not sure what this journal could be used for, maybe for songwriters to write lyrics or inspiration for songs. Not sure if it would work as a straight journal.

What do you think?