New blog and update

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve run out of space on this blog. I can’t upload any more photos – do’h!

Plus I haven’t been diligent in updating this as YouTube is taking up most of my time in terms of sharing my creations.

I don’t want to neglect writing, though, and so I’ve started a new blog to help me focus on writing a bit more regularly.

I’m also working on publishing a book about everything I’ve learnt from my journey with depression and anxiety. So I’ll be sharing my art, poems, and thoughts on this new blog.

Not sure how it what it will look like or if it will last, but will give it a go and see what works best.

Here is the link if you’re interested in continuing to follow my journey over there: Juni’s Journal

Feel free to help me out by subscribing, leaving a comment, etc. if you like what you see.

I’m still making journals and I’m working full time on Willowbound Journals. I’m just trying to keep up with my writing too. We’ll see how it goes.

Not sure what I’ll do with this blog. Any suggestions?

How you are all going and what are you up to?

Junk journal

Junk journal swap with Corina

I was so blown away when a lady contacted me saying she wanted to give me one of her first journals she made.

It’s made out of an envelope and she made it following one of my YouTube tutorials when I made a journal out of a paper bag – wow!

What a special gift. I love it!!!

I asked her if she wanted one of my paper bag journals for a journal swap. She chose this fairy one:

Junk journal

Pink Vintage Lady – Experimenting with lace and trims

I’m such a newbie at this lace and trim thing but I really want to get better at it because I’ve seen such stunning journals with fabrics, laces, and trims.

I’m also still experimenting with collaging and different ways to embellish pages.

I went for a vintage and pink theme with this one with a variety of pages interspersed with coffee-dyed pages.

I used some ephemera from Tim Holtz and a scrapbook paper pad and some vintage pages from happy mail.

I’m still experimenting with glassine bags and envelopes too:

Here I tried embellishing a page with a napkin for the first time:

And I’m also experimenting with collaging on pages without tuck spots or pockets but just for the sake of making the page look pretty:

This is a tag I got from happy mail. Love it!

I’m too worried about making the journal too chunky so I’ve decided for my next journal I’m going to experiment with fewer pages so I can embellish each one.

Here’s a flip-through:

Junk journal

The first junk journal I’ve bought (from Paper Pixie)

Yay, I’m so excited to have bought my very first junk journal made by someone else.

I’m especially excited about this one because it started my paper bag journal series. It’s inspired me so much and been a big part of my journaling journey.

It’s just stunning with so much ephemera packed into it and so many creative ideas.

Like the page on the left is actually an envelope that opens and the page on the right looks so cool with a napkin stuck to it:

This page has one of the envelopes that inspired the napkin envelopes I made:

Almost ever page is filled with ephemera or has something interesting on it but there’s still lots of writing space.

This is m favourite page in the whole book because of the collaging with that mini paper bag. I love that you can see through it to the mason jar that you can pull out of it. I love the laces and trims and the collage on the bag. And I love the piece of folded paper behind it with extra journaling space:

There is just so much I love about this journal. I love all of the pages but here are some of my other favourites:

This last photo shows a mini journal in that lace pocket. How cool is that!

This is such a special journal for me and I’m so thankful I actually own it. I love Paper Pixie’s work and I have to pinch myself that I have one of her journals.

I look forward to building up my collection of journals from other people since I’ll only buy ones that really mean something to me.

I’m excited to start using this journal, personalising it, and making it my own. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet because I don’t usually use journals with so much already in them. But I’ll have fun working that out as I’m a big believer in journals being used and making them your own.

I’m also excited to get crafting away and use this journal as more inspiration in my own journals.

Here’s a flip-through of the amazing journal if you’d like to see this work of art. Forgive my awkwardness, still not used to filming myself and talking on camera.

Junk journal

My very first YouTube video

Eek, made my very first YouTube video of my 2017 junk journal.

I’ve finally plucked up the courage and made a video and posted it online. Argh! Nerve-wracking.

Mind the awkwardness and beginner’s set-up. Hopefully I’ll get better at this the more videos I do.

This video is a flip-through of my first ever personal junk journal that records all the best memories from 2017.

Hope you like it and get inspired in your journaling.

Let me know what you think and if you have any tips to a YouTube newbie.

Do you junk journal?

Junk journal

Working on a custom junk journal – SOLD

I already made this junk journal last year but I added ribbons, paper clips, tags, and other bits of ephemera.

The inspiration for this was selling this journal:

After selling this to a friend, they said they wanted to buy another one for her friend’s birthday. She said her friend liked blue and that she would like the ephemera with quotes and affirmations.

So I pulled out a similar junk journal to the one I sold and added more blue and more quotes.

I love getting this feedback about what people like most about my junk journals.

Now I’m going back to some of my journals I’ve made and adding ribbons, tags, and all those interesting bits and pieces that people love.

Here are two journals I’ll add to:

Art, Junk journal

My new creative studio/gallery/bookshop

My dream to have my own creative studio/art galley/bookshop is actually turning into a bit of a reality.

We don’t use the lounge room so my dad sectioned off half of it to turn it into my creative studio.

Here are the benches he made:

I divided them up into different areas.

This is my art section with my Prismacolor drawings:

This is a section for my bookmarks and cards:

This is my art section with folders of artwork from my younger years:

This is my jewellery section:

This is my published writing corner:

This is the start of my secondhand bookshop:

And this is my junk journal section:

And a shot of the beginnings of my studio:

My dad is in the process of making another shelf underneath the benches, and I’ll hang y artwork on the walls.

Eventually I’d like to have people come visit and it can be a bit like a market. I’d also love to hold creative/writing workshops and gatherings here.

What do you think of my studio?

Junk journal

Vintage junk journals

After a neighbour bought two of my junk journals she said that what she loved most about them was going through them and finding all the pockets, tags, envelopes, fold outs, flaps, cards, and ephemera.

So I decided to revamp three of my vintage junk journals. I decorated the covers, added pockets on the inside of the covers, and included all those fun things my neighbour mentioned throughout the journals.

I used Tim Holtz pocket cards and ephemera as well as Project Life cards. I love those cards and ephemera so much. Will definitely buy more. You can use them to write on or stick a picture to them.

Here’s a look at some of the pages with the added pockets, etc.

All three of these are available for sale. $50 plus postage. Contact me if you’d like to purchase:

I’m offering them here first before I go to market. Also, I now have a studio/gallery in the works where people can come and see/buy my creations. So exciting. Will post photos soon.