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I got a sewing machine!

I bought this sewing machine today with the money raised from selling some of my journals.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and gave me advice about which sewing machine to get.

For the ten percent of all sales that go to charity, I’ve finally worked out which charity. I’ve actually chosen two: Compassion and Beyond Blue.

I chose Compassion because poverty is something that I feel led to give to as a priority. Living in Australia, I have so much and it’s all by chance. I didn’t get to choose where I grew up, but I have been so privileged living in a country where I have everything I need and more.

So, I see it as a responsibility to give to those who don’t have what I have. That there are people who don’t have enough to eat, access to clean drinking water, clothing, healthcare, education, etc. is something I just need to give towards. Basic survival is where I need to start when I’m giving.

But I want to go beyond that, and quality of life is the next step, for me. So I’m giving to Beyond Blue as well.

Beyond Blue supports those who struggle with depression and anxiety. Since I struggled with both of these in the last few years, I would like to give towards this. I don’t want it to be a taboo topic and I don’t want anyone to struggle in silence or feel shame.

The other reason I want to give to Beyond Blue is because journaling, for me, is connected with mental health. It has always been therapeutic to me, and I love how journals are a tool that can help us. When I struggled with depression and anxiety, journaling and art were a lifeline.

And quite a few people shared with me how they would use a journal to help them through mental health issues, illness, or rough circumstances. So, I’m glad to be able to give back with my journals in this way.

5% of all sales will go to Compassion, and 5% will go to Beyond Blue.

After this, I’d love to give 5% to support a fellow creative in their dreams. That’s the next step where I’d like to give. Survival, quality of life, then dreams.

And creativity is such a big value of mine for the joy it brings, the beauty it brings, the inspiration it brings, and the help it brings. So I would love to give back to other creatives with my journals one day too.

Here’s the ‘thank you giveaway’ video where I announce the winner of one of my journalse and where I chat about these charities:


Junk journal

Bird, butterfly & botanical journal

So excited to share this journal that it’s a bit different to what I’ve done so far.

I used lots of lace and love how the cover looks. I think I’m getting ready for my sewing machine with all the lace. Hopefully I’ll be able to sew it all instead of glue it.

Love the charms, the trims, and the embellishments too. It’s my chunkiest one by far and one of my favourites.

These are actual dried petals and leaves I did. So cool that I could include them in the journal:

I especially love how it looks from the side:

Here’s a flip through:

It’s available in my shop or Etsy: Willowbound Journals

Junk journal

‘A very wonderful place’ journal

Finally got round to sharing this journal that I made.

It’s blue themed and in the vintage style with lots of embellishments. Love how it turned out.

The stickers on the collage on the front are all chosen to reflect what a journal means to me. It’s a very wonderful place.

Here’s a flip through if you’d like to see all the pages:

It’s available in my shop or Etsy: Willowbound Journals

Junk journal

Sneak peek at my latest journal

I went for something a bit different for this journal and am really happy with it.

It’s my chunkiest one so far, and even though I’d never use a chunky journal, I love how it looks.

I think I’m getting ready for a sewing machine, using all the lace and trims. I stuck it all down with glue but one day I’ll be able to sew it all.

Junk journal

My first journals using book covers and the vintage style

I love these covers so much.

I used Tim Holtz papers, pocket cards, and ephemera.

I coffee/tea-dyed the pages with the usual variety of papers. And some have pockets, tags, and tucks.

These two are available in my shop: Willowbound Journals

And here’s a flip through of them (the first one I show has sold):

Junk journal

I’m getting a sewing machine!!!

Wow, yesterday I sold six journals and 12 stamp tags!!! Completely shocked and blown away.

I sold five of these eight journals with my artwork on the covers:

I shared them on my YouTube channel and I seriously didn’t think any of them would sell. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up the next day and saw that five of them sold.

Then on top of that I sold this journal:

Here it is all wrapped up:

I included a bag of extra goodies with each journal to help people get started or to use in other creative projects.

And here are the tags I sold:

So I have well and truly got enough money now to get a sewing machine – wow!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get there.

Here’s the flipthrough I did of the journals with my art on the covers:

If you’d like to purchase a journal, feel free to check out my shop: Willowbound Journals.

Junk journal

Sold three journals

Wow, I am so blown away that three lovely ladies bought a journal during my one-week sale for the launch of Willowbound Journals.

So excited that these three journals sold:

All the money is going towards a sewing machine, so I’ve got $60 to go towards it. I think I only need $40 more since I’m just going to get a basic beginner machine.

I thought I was pretty safe not getting sewing machine. I’m so intimated because the only time I’ve used one was back in Year 8 and I was terrible. The thread kept getting knotted and I couldn’t sew straight.

So, I’m daunted about having to learn how to set one up and use one. It’s going to take a lot of energy and effort just to research it all and then to practice.

I hope I’ll be able to get good at sewing, but will just take a bit of patience.

Happy Mail

More happy mail from Sweden

Got this beautiful package from the lovely Marit.

She wanted to send me the horses, but I didn’t realise she was sending everything else.

I love the journaling cards and tags that are backed on coffee-dyed paper.

She got this package so right with the blue birds, blue butterflies, and peacocks.

Will definitely have fun using them in journals.