Junk journal interview with Reem (Paper Pixie)

I am so honoured to begin this junk journal interview series with the lovely Reem (Paper Pixie).

This series began because I wanted to interview all my favourite junk journalers to get them know them a bit more, hear about their journey, and share their work with others.

I’m especially excited that Reem is the first person I interviewed because I bought my very first junk journal from her. I absolutely love it and it’s inspired me so much.

Thank you so much, Reem, for letting me interview you.

Reem is 41, married with two girls (15 and 13), and she is Egyptian living in Dubai, UAE. 

How long have you been making journals?
Two years…and crafting in general for a little more than ten years.

How did you first hear of junk journals?
Either through facebook or youtube..can’t recall which 😊

What kind of junk journals do you make?
Usually vintage themed ones but I expanded into any theme I can think of.

Do you have a particular style/how did you find your style?
I tend to like the ones that have a vintage feel to them, using coffee dyed paper, old photos, etc.

Do you use your junk journals/how do you like to use them?
I make one for myself every year and use it throughout.
I use them as a gratitude journal and jotting down my crafty ideas.

What does your junk journal process look like?
I’m very organized in my crafty process 🙂
I go through steps and phases planned daily to get things done on time.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?
From fellow crafters on youtube, instagram and pinterest. Also from anything that grabs my attention in general.

What is your creative philosophy?
I don’t have a philosophy really…just whatever idea I have, I hit my space and craft craft craft.

How did you come up with your business name?
I was always fond of fairies, i think they’re magical. So since I use paper in all my crafts so hence paper pixie sounded perfecttt 👌🏼

What made you start a YouTube channel?
I have been admiring crafty youTubers for ages, and always wanted to show my work and get feedback on it to find out the good and the bad in what I do…I started when I thought that my work was finally worth sharing.

What has the response been to your journals?
Lately, I’m very happy and grateful for the great response and appreciation to my work that I get from the wonderful people in the community.

What are your dreams for your junk journal business?
To grow and reach as many people as possible to make them feel that it’s not hard at all to craft and get all your ideas out…everything is doable.

What is your current crafty project?
I’m currently on vacation but very soon will be returning to my craft room with a couple DT projects to finish and some new themes to work on.

What’s next on your crafty project list?
I’ve discovered a few new Etsy stores for digital kits and planning to work with a few.

What advice do you have for fellow junk journalers?
By far, the crafty community is the nicest community out there.
Stay supportive of each other and pour your crafty heart and mind out for everyone out there.

Aren’t Reem’s journals absolutely beautiful! I love them.

Check out her YouTube channel: PaperPixie

You can also follow her on Instagram: paperpixie_uae

Junk journal

I got a sewing machine!

I bought this sewing machine today with the money raised from selling some of my journals.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and gave me advice about which sewing machine to get.

For the ten percent of all sales that go to charity, I’ve finally worked out which charity. I’ve actually chosen two: Compassion and Beyond Blue.

I chose Compassion because poverty is something that I feel led to give to as a priority. Living in Australia, I have so much and it’s all by chance. I didn’t get to choose where I grew up, but I have been so privileged living in a country where I have everything I need and more.

So, I see it as a responsibility to give to those who don’t have what I have. That there are people who don’t have enough to eat, access to clean drinking water, clothing, healthcare, education, etc. is something I just need to give towards. Basic survival is where I need to start when I’m giving.

But I want to go beyond that, and quality of life is the next step, for me. So I’m giving to Beyond Blue as well.

Beyond Blue supports those who struggle with depression and anxiety. Since I struggled with both of these in the last few years, I would like to give towards this. I don’t want it to be a taboo topic and I don’t want anyone to struggle in silence or feel shame.

The other reason I want to give to Beyond Blue is because journaling, for me, is connected with mental health. It has always been therapeutic to me, and I love how journals are a tool that can help us. When I struggled with depression and anxiety, journaling and art were a lifeline.

And quite a few people shared with me how they would use a journal to help them through mental health issues, illness, or rough circumstances. So, I’m glad to be able to give back with my journals in this way.

5% of all sales will go to Compassion, and 5% will go to Beyond Blue.

After this, I’d love to give 5% to support a fellow creative in their dreams. That’s the next step where I’d like to give. Survival, quality of life, then dreams.

And creativity is such a big value of mine for the joy it brings, the beauty it brings, the inspiration it brings, and the help it brings. So I would love to give back to other creatives with my journals one day too.

Here’s the ‘thank you giveaway’ video where I announce the winner of one of my journalse and where I chat about these charities:



Made my first embellishment sale

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! After sharing my stamp tags, I got a message from a lady asking if she could buy nine of them. Wow!

I’m sending these nine tags to her tomorrow.

I’m so glad people like them and I love that I get to share them and they can be part of other people’s creations.

Plus this is hopefully the start of my online shop where people can buy journals and embellishments that I make.

So thankful! I’m going to get crafting and make more of these tags.


Made some more Christmas cards

I sold my first cards today. A friend asked me if I made cards and if she could buy some to give to the community along with a Christmas ham or pudding that she was giving them.

I already had these cards made:

Then I went shopping for more supplies and made more cards with two different designs (ribbon border with tree – first picture, and reindeer with decorations – below) for her to choose from as well.

She bought seven of these because she wanted something extra special with a handmade touch where thought and love went into the making.

Craft hauls

Craft supply haul

Making and decorating journals is my new project. This craft supply shows how excited and inspired I am to get into junk journaling and bullet journaling.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a huge haul like this. So thankful for the tax money I get back each year. It’s like instant savings.

So here’s what I got:

Lots of stickers
Tags, envelopes, pretty paper clips, mini pegs, mini envelopes and cards, leaf ribbons
Washi tape
Papers and alphabet stencil
Paper trimmer, glue, pencil eraser, butterfly clips, notebooks
Storage containers to organise some of my art supplies

I tried to get items that went together so I could do themed journals.

I got a range of notebooks to experiment with which ones work best.

This is the first time I’m trying out tags and things like the paperclips and pegs because I love the idea of extra details in the journal like pockets, fold out pages, flaps, and ephemera stuck in the book without glue.

So excited to get started!


What art supplies do you want to buy?