The story behind the Willowbound name

Back at my childhood home, there was a magnificent willow at the front of the yard. It was massive!

I grew up playing under that willow and it was magical. I loved it in summer when no-one could see me through the curtain of leaves.

I felt like a princess climbing its branches, and my imagination ran wild as I made up stories and fantasy lands.

The willow was my favourite place; it was a place of beauty and  wonder and it felt like home.

Sadly, when the house was sold, the willow was cut down. But this weeping willow will always be one of my special memories.

The willow symbolises to me the heart of a journal.

A journal is a place where you can be yourself. It’s a place where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s a place where you can be creative and express yourself. It’s a place where you can document your memories, keep your treasures, and record your life. It’s a place of beauty and wonder. And it’s a place that feels like home.

Junk journal

Blue Dove Journal

Here’s the latest journal I’ve made.

This one has a big part of my heart in it with the blue theme, the style, and the words I included throughout it.

I absolutely love how the cover turned out. I added words that speak to me of what a journal is: a place to be yourself and share your heart.

I embellished nearly every page and used so many creative ideas inspired by so many lovely junk journalers.

I think I’m getting more comfortable with collaging, and I just had a lot fun making this.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite pages:

Here’s a flip through if anyone’s interested:

Junk journal

Another journal sold

Wow, after so much interest in the book cover version of this journal, I put this one up for sale and it also sold within the day.

In fact, two ladies wanted to buy this one. It’s a very popular image, it seems.

I’m so excited to know people are liking what I create. It’s so encouraging.

I hope the lovely lady who bought this loves writing and creating in this journal. I hope it inspires her every time she sees the cover and picks it up.

Junk journal

The first junk journal I’ve bought (from Paper Pixie)

Yay, I’m so excited to have bought my very first junk journal made by someone else.

I’m especially excited about this one because it started my paper bag journal series. It’s inspired me so much and been a big part of my journaling journey.

It’s just stunning with so much ephemera packed into it and so many creative ideas.

Like the page on the left is actually an envelope that opens and the page on the right looks so cool with a napkin stuck to it:

This page has one of the envelopes that inspired the napkin envelopes I made:

Almost ever page is filled with ephemera or has something interesting on it but there’s still lots of writing space.

This is m favourite page in the whole book because of the collaging with that mini paper bag. I love that you can see through it to the mason jar that you can pull out of it. I love the laces and trims and the collage on the bag. And I love the piece of folded paper behind it with extra journaling space:

There is just so much I love about this journal. I love all of the pages but here are some of my other favourites:

This last photo shows a mini journal in that lace pocket. How cool is that!

This is such a special journal for me and I’m so thankful I actually own it. I love Paper Pixie’s work and I have to pinch myself that I have one of her journals.

I look forward to building up my collection of journals from other people since I’ll only buy ones that really mean something to me.

I’m excited to start using this journal, personalising it, and making it my own. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet because I don’t usually use journals with so much already in them. But I’ll have fun working that out as I’m a big believer in journals being used and making them your own.

I’m also excited to get crafting away and use this journal as more inspiration in my own journals.

Here’s a flip-through of the amazing journal if you’d like to see this work of art. Forgive my awkwardness, still not used to filming myself and talking on camera.