Junk journal

Peacock Journal

I was given a challenge when the lovely Andrea sent me some happy mail. She included two coasters for me to use creatively.

At first I had no idea what to do with them because they weren’t my colours or style. But then I turned them over and was inspired by the blank surface and stuck a pretty napkin to them.

The peacock one then inspired me to make a peacock journal.

Loved upcycling and creating something beautiful and giving new life to an ordinary object.

I included all of the peacock items I was hoarding, and I love the peacock feather in the back.

A lady bought this one straight away and will be using this as a gratitude journal.

I’m inspired to make a butterfly journal with the other coaster. Thank you Cathy for the beautiful napkin.

Here’s a flip through of the peacock journal:

Junk journal

Pride and Prejudice Journal

I got this amazing illustrated version of Pride an Prejudice in an op-shop and fell in love with the cover.

Then I was inspired by the beautiful dresses in one of the images and it gave me the theme and colours for this journal with all the lace and ruffles on the side.

I was going to leave the inside of the covers with the plain blue that was already there, but the title pages were so beautiful and I put them on the covers.

I love how they look:

I included some pages and images from the book throughout and really hope I did justice to Pride and Prejudice and honoured the story.

Here’s the image that inspired the book:

It’s available in my shop Willowbound Journals and my Etsy.

Here’s a flip through:

Junk journal

My first journals using book covers and the vintage style

I love these covers so much.

I used Tim Holtz papers, pocket cards, and ephemera.

I coffee/tea-dyed the pages with the usual variety of papers. And some have pockets, tags, and tucks.

These two are available in my shop: Willowbound Journals

And here’s a flip through of them (the first one I show has sold):

Craft hauls

Etsy haul and gifts from Bonny And Clive

I bought some coin tags and stamp tags from the lovely Bonny after seeing her videos on YouTube.

She gave me a great deal with the tags. I got a bulk lot that I can use to record significant years in my life and the life of my family. The ones with blue trim are my birth year so I’ll put those with some baby photos, baby cards, and my birth notice.

They are so special. So excited to use these.

And I love the stamp tags too. The stamps are cut out from a catalogue and she threw in some pages for me.

Not only that but she threw in so many extras. I adore the lace, especially the blue lace. And I love the blue butterflies.

I could create a junk journal just with these things she gave me. She absolutely spoiled me. Thank you so much Bonny!!!!

I’m definitely planning on buying more from her.

Check out her Etsy shop: Bonny And Clive

Here are the videos showing her coin tags and stamp tags:

Junk journal

Reusing music paper and napkins

I’ve been making some embellishments for junk journals, and here I’ve been working on envelopes.

I used music paper from a series of music books I got from an op-shop to make the envelopes.

Then I used a bunch of napkins in my stash. All of them except for three I got in happy mail from people all around the world.

I’m so glad because I live in a small country town and can’t find pretty napkins like these.

I always ask for blue birds, blue butterflies, and peacocks so I’m thankful for these treasures from people.

I love how the envelopes turned out. I made about 70. Yep, I do things in bulk.

Here’s a video I filmed of the envelopes if you want to know a bit more about the process and see them in more detail:

What do you think?


Cancelled stamp haul

I bought a bulk lot of stamps to make stamp embellishments.

I bought 80 but the lady threw in quite a few extras and I got over 100.

They also came with a lovely card.

I got these stamps specifically to make tag embellishments inspired by Liz at The Paper Project.

Here’s the first tag embellishment I made for one of my journals:

Love it!

Will definitely make more of these.

Here’s the video that inspired me:

Junk journal

Vintage journal with ephemera

I used a whole bunch of vintage papers I got in happy mail and some of the items I got from my first Etsy haul from A Tattered Dream.

The cover is a collage of papers and journaling cards.

The inside of the front cover has a library card and pocket with a journaling card tucked behind it:

I loved working with these vintage pages. There are book pages, children’s book pages, and newspapers as well as some vintage pages from my own collection.

I interspersed them with coffee-dyed paper yet again. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to white paper.

I included some cute little journaling cards with prompts on them.

This was the first time I used a glassine bag and I love how it looks with a Tim Holtz piece from an ephemera pack on the front, a vintage ephemera piece that can be used as a journaling card in the bag, and some paper to write on tucked behind the bag:

I love having multiple tucks and having that interactive feature in the journals. Makes it so interesting.

Then here I used a glassine envelope for the first time and added a Tim Holtz piece on the front, a journaling card in the envelope, and an ephemera piece that can be used as a journaling card behind it.

And here is the inside of the back cover which I love. I used a large glassine envelope with a large journaling card inside, a tuck spot on the front with a tag, and an ephemera piece behind the envelope.

I’ll have to keep experimenting with these glassine bags and envelopes. I had so much fun using them!

Junk journal

Mini op-shop haul for junk journals

I had a few spare minutes and ducked into an op-shop and picked up these four finds.

I got some embellishments and two books for their beautiful pictures.

I’m planning to make a junk journal out the fairy one:

And I’ve already made four journals out of the garden one. It had so many pages with gorgeous illustrations.

I’ll share those journals in a later post.

Junk journal

New covers made for junk journals

With the stack of books I got for free from a neighbour, I got creative.

I stripped the pages and decorated the covers.

I tried something new by covering one cover with some fabric that I got from the latest happy mail I received:

The I covered a book with some beautiful paper a friend bought me:

I liked it so much that I created two of these:

I really love these two covers and will definitely look to get more fabric to decorate covers:

Then I used some more papers I got in happy mail to create the next three covers.

The first one is vintage themed:

The second one is writing themed:

I love this one. I’m thinking of keeping this one for me to use as a writer’s notebook:

Here’s the next cover:

And then I used some scrapbook paper to decorate the last cover:

Now just got to put the papers together and bind them in to the covers to make beautiful one-of-a-kid journals.

Which cover is your favourite?