Junk journal

Business cards and journal sale

Well, I got the business cards and I love them – yay!

Really happy with how they turned out. Simple but packed with meaning.

Now that I’ve officially got a name, logo, and business cards, I’ve set up a bit of an online shop for my journals and am having a sale to go with the launch.

Just for my blog followers and YouTube subscribers, I’m taking $5 off all journals. So, whatever price is listed on my journals, take $5 off. That will mean prices range from $15 to $30.

The sale will last for a week as a celebration and thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me.

I’m not sure if anyone will want my journals, but I just want to give this opportunity. And if I do make any sales, the money will go towards a sewing machine.

I really want to get one after seeing fellow junk journalers and the amazing creations they make with sewing machines. But I’m really intimidated by the sewing machine, so I wouldn’t get it normally.

Also, I want 10% of all sales go to a charity. I just have to think carefully before I choose which one. But from now on, if I make any sales, I’ll put aside 10% for each journal.

I’ll keep you posted with which charity I choose and why.

I’m still getting set up and not sure how this will go but here’s my shop: Willowbound Journals Shop.

I’ve still got some journals to add and I’ll try to do flip-throughs of each of them.

I’m wondering if I should set up an Etsy shop instead? It just looks a bit intimidating working Etsy out, but if that’s what people prefer and if it’s easier for people, then I’ll definitely look at moving to Etsy.

Thanks so much for following my journey. It’s a bit rocky as I get started but I’ll learn as I go.

Really appreciate your support and encouragement and want to thank you so much!!!


Made my first embellishment sale

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! After sharing my stamp tags, I got a message from a lady asking if she could buy nine of them. Wow!

I’m sending these nine tags to her tomorrow.

I’m so glad people like them and I love that I get to share them and they can be part of other people’s creations.

Plus this is hopefully the start of my online shop where people can buy journals and embellishments that I make.

So thankful! I’m going to get crafting and make more of these tags.