Embellished tags made from scraps

I had fun making some tags from scraps.

The scraps I used were off-cuts from a scrapbook paper pack that I made a few journals out of.

I used to throw out my scraps but not anymore. Not when you can create something beautiful and useful.

Here’s a tutorial:

Junk journal

New series of junk journals

I was busy making these seven junk journals for my shop.

The covers are all made with artwork I did back when I was in Year 12 art.

They’re packed with a variety of papers and they all have lots of pockets, tags, flaps, and interesting bits and pieces.

Here’s an example:

Junk journal

Making more junk journals

Today I made another vintage junk journal using an old book cover, Tim Holtz papers, and tea/coffee-dyed paper.

Here’s the cover which is left blank so you can customise it and decorate it however you want. Or maybe you like the rustic look and want to leave it as is.

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

And here’s a look at the pages:

Then I made three covers ready for signatures to be handbound into them.

Thought I’d take some photos of them before I add the signatures so you can see what they look like.

I definitely prefer to use book covers since they’re quicker and easier to use and I love the hard covers. But I don’t mind these handmade covers to give a completely handmade journal.

I’ll put up another post once I’ve turned the covers into junk journals.


Made my own tags

I was inspired to make my own tags from scraps for junk journaling.

Here were the scraps I used from a paper pack that I used to cover pages in junk journals:

I cut out the tags from scraps and then arranged more scraps on them to embellish them. Then I added some bling because I love a bit of sparkle.

Now all I have to do is punch a hole through them at the top and tie a bit of ribbon through them.

So fun!

This is the YouTube video that inspired me:

Love being inspired by fellow creatives on the internet. They’re introducing me to so many new ideas and techniques and it’s fun to experiment with and build up my own creative skills.

Have you found something on the internet that has inspired you to create?