Junk journal

Made my first Little Golden Book junk joural

I loved Little Golden Books when I was a kid.

So excited to make this journal. I’ve been wanting to make a Little Golden Book junk journal ever since I saw them last year.

Now that I know how to make them, I’ll definitely make more.

I interspersed all of the pages from the book in the journal:

Such a cute book.

I’d love to make junk journals out of my favourite Little Golden Books.

What’s you favourite Little Golden Book?

Junk journal

Made my first cover with a Little Golden Book

I’ve wanted to make junk journals out of Little Golden Books for a while.

I watched a YouTube tutorial showing how to make a cover. Then I gave it a go.

I used some chipboard for the spine from the backing of one of my drawing paper pads. I bought a scarf at an op-shop to use the material to cover the spine. And I bought the book from an op-shop too.

For a first effort, I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s a bit wonky but hopefully I’ll get better at lining up the material and sticking it down nice and straight.

I haven’t worked with material before so it’s a learning process.

Now I’ve just got to put the signatures together and bind them into the cover.

Here’s the YouTube video that helped me make this junk journal cover:

Now that I know how to turn Little Golden Books into junk journal covers, I’ll definitely buy more. I’ll also buy more material and experiment with different types and see what works best.

Will keep you posted with progress and share photos of the journals when they are done.

Junk journal

Little Women junk journal

This is such a sweet book so when I saw an illustrated version in an op-shop, I knew I could make a junk journal out of it.

I used some of the pictures for the cover and love the round picture for the front.

All of the pages are included in the junk journal. They’re all different sizes and I love seeing both the illustrations and the text.

And of course there are the normal range of papers with pockets and tuck spots.

My favourite character was always Beth.

Which was your favourite sister?

Junk journal

More junk journal supplies

I picked up this mini haul from two op-shops today.

I’m planning to use the material to make spines for some Little Golden Book junk journals. They’re actually scarves and I’m not sure how it’s going to work but will give it a go.

The doily and stickers are for a happy mail package. Some of the ribbons will go in the package too; others I’ll keep for my own junk journals.

I got the book on the right just for the cover. I made a Little Women junk journal using all the pages from the Little Women book and the cover from that navy book. I’ll post some photos of it later.

I’ll make a junk journal out of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie book too. Since it has a lot of pages, I’ll probably make multiple journals from it.

Art, Junk journal

My new creative studio/gallery/bookshop

My dream to have my own creative studio/art galley/bookshop is actually turning into a bit of a reality.

We don’t use the lounge room so my dad sectioned off half of it to turn it into my creative studio.

Here are the benches he made:

I divided them up into different areas.

This is my art section with my Prismacolor drawings:

This is a section for my bookmarks and cards:

This is my art section with folders of artwork from my younger years:

This is my jewellery section:

This is my published writing corner:

This is the start of my secondhand bookshop:

And this is my junk journal section:

And a shot of the beginnings of my studio:

My dad is in the process of making another shelf underneath the benches, and I’ll hang y artwork on the walls.

Eventually I’d like to have people come visit and it can be a bit like a market. I’d also love to hold creative/writing workshops and gatherings here.

What do you think of my studio?

Junk journal

Made an Animalia junk journal

Here’s the second junk journal I made using the pages from a book.

This time I used Animalia. I love the beautiful pictures. Especially the peacock. Such a stunning bird. So I  used the peacock for the cover.

I cut out some of the words and pictures to stick on some of the pages. I also made pockets for the inside of the covers.

Then I interspersed the pages of the book with other paper: music paper, scrapbook paper, lined paper, etc.

It’s so fun creating these journals. Definitely loving this style. One more book to go from this series. Will put up the post soon.

Junk journal

Made an Eleventh Hour junk journal

I helped a friend declutter some bookshelves and got to take home three Graeme Bass books to make junk journals.

I’ve seen people make junk journals using all the pages in books, and I wanted to give it a go.

I had so much fun making this, and I love how it turned out.

I gutted a hardcover book and used the cover for the junk journal. It’s a larger size than I usually do, and it’s very sturdy.

It gives is a quality feel making this journal a bit more special. Add to that the beautiful pictures from the picture book, and I’m pretty impressed by this one.

I included every page from the book in the junk journal. I even included the back section with all the puzzles revealed.

Then, of course, I interspersed them with other papers: scrapbook paper, lined paper, music paper, note paper, blank paper.

Definitely going to make more of this style.

Here are the two other books to make junk journals with:


Making a creative journal for a friend’s birthday

My friend showed me her Wreck It Journal and I was inspired to make her my own journal with prompts that resonate with me.

She’s like my adopted little sister and I’ll be giving this to her for her 14th birthday. I hope for the journal to not just be a fun book of activities but a keepsake full of special moments and memories.

So it includes prompts like getting letters from friends and family, writing down favourite quotes/lyrics/scriptures, and answering questions about life.

It incorporates self-discovery and self-expression with record-keeping.

Plus there are lots of random prompts like:

  • Go for a walk and find a feather/flower/leaf to stick in the journal
  • Take a selfie and stick it in the journal
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Write a bucket list
  • Spray perfume on a page
  • Test all your nail polishes on a page
  • Cover a page in glitter
  • Draw a timeline of your life
  • Trace your footprint

Next week I’ll print the book and have it spiral bound ready to give to her on her birthday.

Any suggestions for prompts I could use?