Junk journal

Faith junk journal order

After selling one faith junk journal, and putting one on hold, a lady from church asked for a similar junk journal.

So I made this one in the same style. The difference with this one is that the Bible pages are focused on the life of Jesus.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

I’m so excited to have sold two journals last Sunday, two this Sunday, and next Sunday I have three on hold for people to buy.

People have been asking for custom orders and some have been asking if I have a website. So I’m looking to launch one and turn this side hobby into a business.

I just need to come up with a business name. People don’t like the name junk journal because it doesn’t represent the beauty and inspiration of the journals.

Any ideas for a name?

Junk journal

Next faith junk journal made – SOLD

People have been liking my spiral bound junk journals with their ribbons, tags, and full page spreads.

The advantage these journals have over the handbound ones are that there are no signatures so the pages aren’t folded in half. This means I stick full pages onto the pages that are already in the notebook and they can be full size.

The disadvantage is fewer pages but it does create a beautiful book where the pages are more for inspiration than creating your own spreads on the page.

Although, this junk journal can be used either way. You can just look at the pretty pages and use the note paper to journal on or you can collage and write over all the pages.

I prefer the handbound journals so I can create on the pages, but I definitely see why people are drawn to the spiral bound journals. They’re so pretty!

And for an inspirational faith journal, this kind of journal is great. A book to write prayers, or take bible notes, or a God journal, or devotional journal.

It’s a junk journal that you not only can fill in but that can fill you with the scriptures, prayers, prompts, and colouring pages for inspiration.

Thanks so much for checking out my faith junk journal.

Junk journal

My first faith junk journal – Given away

This is the first junk journal I’ve made with a faith theme. It can be used as a prayer journal, inspiration journal, or any other type of journal.

I used the cover of a Bible for the cover and covered the front and back with some pages from a magazine-style Bible.

I went to op-shops and collected Bibles to include as pages of the journal. There are children’s illustrated Bibles, some with gorgeous pictures, others that are vintage with fragile paper.

I’ve got all different types of Bibles and translations to give a good mix of pages.

I’ve also got some notebook pages from Bible-inspired journals. One of them was also a colouring book notebook.

There’s lots of room for writing and sticking in pictures.

It’s vintage inspired so all the blank or lined pages are tea-dyed.

Looking forward to making more of faith journals.