Junk journal

A look at my 2018 junk journal

I thought I’d share an update of hour my 2018 junk journal is going.

On the inside of the cover I stick all the photos and ephemera I want to use in the journal.

I use this journal to record the major events and memories I want to record for the year. It’s loosely chronological but sometimes I choose a page spread that suits what I’m recording.

Here is a spread recording my first pair of demi-pointe shoes:

This spread records a spontaneous stay I had in Mornington with a friend. We saw The Greatest Showman at the cinema, ate ice-cream and did a lookout walk along the coast. I also discovered the shop Page8 and bought a twin set of journals.

Some people collect spoons or postcards or coffee mugs when they visit a place; I like to collect notebooks.

This spread records my new favourite magazine: Daphne’s Diary that I read from cover to cover then cut up and use in my junk journals.

This page records some happy mail I received from America:

This page records happy mail I got from Germany:

This page records a traditional walk I take my niece and nephew on each year when I go to Melbourne over the summer holidays. We collect bottle caps at the local footy oval and categorise them and compare them to the year before.

Hope you liked my journal so far.

I’ll share another update when I’ve got more pages done.

Do you like to journal?