Junk journal

Inkspell junk journal

I picked up the book Inkspell from an op-shop because I liked the hard cover to make a junk journal.

The book had a jacket with coloured pictures so I used some of them to decorate the cover.

When I flicked through the book I discovered it was full of pictures and quotes mostly to do with writing. So I cut them all out and used them to decorate the pages of the junk journal.

I added pockets with Project Life cards to the inside of the covers:

I went for a green theme to go with the cover and a bit of fairytale theme with lots of different pages.

I really love doing themed junk journals and re-purposing books to decorate them.


Made some more Christmas cards

I sold my first cards today. A friend asked me if I made cards and if she could buy some to give to the community along with a Christmas ham or pudding that she was giving them.

I already had these cards made:

Then I went shopping for more supplies and made more cards with two different designs (ribbon border with tree – first picture, and reindeer with decorations – below) for her to choose from as well.

She bought seven of these because she wanted something extra special with a handmade touch where thought and love went into the making.

Craft hauls

Craft supply haul

Making and decorating journals is my new project. This craft supply shows how excited and inspired I am to get into junk journaling and bullet journaling.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a huge haul like this. So thankful for the tax money I get back each year. It’s like instant savings.

So here’s what I got:

Lots of stickers
Tags, envelopes, pretty paper clips, mini pegs, mini envelopes and cards, leaf ribbons
Washi tape
Papers and alphabet stencil
Paper trimmer, glue, pencil eraser, butterfly clips, notebooks
Storage containers to organise some of my art supplies

I tried to get items that went together so I could do themed journals.

I got a range of notebooks to experiment with which ones work best.

This is the first time I’m trying out tags and things like the paperclips and pegs because I love the idea of extra details in the journal like pockets, fold out pages, flaps, and ephemera stuck in the book without glue.

So excited to get started!


What art supplies do you want to buy?