Junk journal

A look at how I use my Daphne’s Diary journal

I finally started using my Daphne’s Diary journal that I made and I love how it’s looking so far.

It’s so fun to journal in and record memories in with the beautiful pages for inspiration.

I love decorating the pages and sticking my own photos in it, and then writing about them. I even stuck in some feathers and an extra page with washi tape.

Here are the pages I’ve done so far:

Excited to keep using this journal and will share more pages when I’ve done them.

What do you think?

Junk journal

A look at my 2018 junk journal

I thought I’d share an update of hour my 2018 junk journal is going.

On the inside of the cover I stick all the photos and ephemera I want to use in the journal.

I use this journal to record the major events and memories I want to record for the year. It’s loosely chronological but sometimes I choose a page spread that suits what I’m recording.

Here is a spread recording my first pair of demi-pointe shoes:

This spread records a spontaneous stay I had in Mornington with a friend. We saw The Greatest Showman at the cinema, ate ice-cream and did a lookout walk along the coast. I also discovered the shop Page8 and bought a twin set of journals.

Some people collect spoons or postcards or coffee mugs when they visit a place; I like to collect notebooks.

This spread records my new favourite magazine: Daphne’s Diary that I read from cover to cover then cut up and use in my junk journals.

This page records some happy mail I received from America:

This page records happy mail I got from Germany:

This page records a traditional walk I take my niece and nephew on each year when I go to Melbourne over the summer holidays. We collect bottle caps at the local footy oval and categorise them and compare them to the year before.

Hope you liked my journal so far.

I’ll share another update when I’ve got more pages done.

Do you like to journal?

Junk journal

Working on five junk journals

This is the next series of junk journals I’m making.

I used some art I did back when I was in year 12 for the covers. I love using my art in this way instead of having it in storage for years.

I scanned the artwork so I can always make copies for future projects but I like re-purposing the originals in this creative way. Makes these journals more special.

I used Project Life cards to make pockets and tags on the inside of the covers too.

Got all my papers ready to bind the signatures in which make the pages.

Then I’m going to try putting lots of tuck spots, tags, pockets, and flaps in these journals. I’m doing this because a lady who bought some of my journals said she liked hunting through the journals for those things the best.

Junk journal

My junk journal inspiration

Thought I’d share my junk journal inspiration.

I discovered junk journaling on YouTube and Joanna Clough’s journals are what got me started making me own.

I love how you can use any papers for the pages and then use them however you want to record memories: writing, photos, ephemera (collected bits and pieces that help you remember an event).

Will share some photos of the journaling I’ve done in my 2017 junk journal in the next post.

Craft hauls

Supplies for junk journals

I’m back from my trip home to Melbourne where I stocked up on supplies for art journals.

Above is a picture of books and various ephemera that I got from op-shops. Trying to get into the vintage look as well as anything I like the look of.

My mum gave me a $50 voucher for my birthday for Riot Art and Craft so I got this with it:

Then here’s a bunch of ephemera I collected from my stay in Melbourne:

It includes business cards of places I ate meals at, plane tickets, the  birthday card and envelope from my mum, some art from my nephew, and some scraps he gave me just for junk journals.

I love the idea of having a basket of ephemera that I collect ephemera in for each week and then once a week I put the ephemera in my junk journal to record memorable moments and simple moments.

When I came back I bought some glue and visual diaries and some extra supplies to make the junk journals.

So excited to get stuck into making so many junk journals and experimenting with what works for me.

Do you junk journal?