Happy Mail

Next round of happy mail to send

I just finished making up these three packages of happy mail to send.

They are going to Australia, England and Germany.

Each person shared what they liked and I tried to tailor the packages for them.

Natallie likes pink, flowers, sewing, and vintage. So I included more sewing related items like buttons, lace, and vintage pages referring to sewing in her pack. I also collected a few pink items including cards, washi tape, and ribbon.

Nikki likes sewing items as well but she likes blue best. She also likes old photos, nature and the ocean, so I included items to reflect this. For example, shells, animal pictures, and vintage pages with pictures of people.

Jo likes music, fonts, and flowers. I gathered lots of music paper and music pages from vintage books. I included lots of stickers with letters and papers with writing. And all my packs include flowers, so there’s plenty of those too.

Hope they like their happy mail packages.


Made some more Christmas cards

I sold my first cards today. A friend asked me if I made cards and if she could buy some to give to the community along with a Christmas ham or pudding that she was giving them.

I already had these cards made:

Then I went shopping for more supplies and made more cards with two different designs (ribbon border with tree – first picture, and reindeer with decorations – below) for her to choose from as well.

She bought seven of these because she wanted something extra special with a handmade touch where thought and love went into the making.

Junk journal

Inside my 2017 junk journal

I absolutely love junk journaling. It let’s me combine my loves of journaling, art, and memory-keeping.

Here’s a bit of a look at my 2017 junk journal with some of the standout events from my year.

The year started with my last beach mission where I wrote a book about everything I’ve learnt from 12 years of beach mission. That’s sand from McCrae beach in that pocket.

At beach mission I learnt how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. It blew me away because I never thought I’d be able to do it. It gave me a symbol for beach mission and life: the impossible is possible.

Ballet has been a huge part of my life this year and is a dream come true. I got the uniform, moved up to grade 5 ballet and will be doing pre-pointe work next year. I’m thankful every day that I found a dance school that lets me do ballet as an adult. And we’ve had the most amazing opportunities. Here, the Qld Ballet came to teach us classes. Was amazing!

Another great ballet opportunity was to dance on live TV for Sunrise. We had to get up super early and it was so surreal but so fun.

And finally, I got to do my first dance performance with The Addams Family. Ticking off so many things on my dance bucket list. Thought it would never happen the older I got, but it’s all happening and I’m so thankful.

This year I wanted the full show experience at the Bowen Show. I wanted to go on some rides. So I went on Ali Baba and thought it would be tame. Nope. It was terrifying. Screamed so much and couldn’t move my hands when I got off cos I’d been holding on so tightly to the contraption holding me in. But I was glad I faced a fear. No more rides for me now.

I went to Cedar Creek Falls for the first time this year and it was beautiful. Got my favourite landscape photo there.

Cyclone Debbie – what an event!!! No power for a week, flooding, the worst night of my life bucketing water from the house. But it was all good and I saw so much help given to the glory of God.

Flew to Melbourne because my grandma died. My kindred spirit. The one who nurtured my creative side and got me. The letter-writing paper was from her. The black page is from a colouring book of hers. I used to play with her coloured glass blocks as a kid and I got to keep them.

I got the best surprise when my brother’s family visited us. They spent time creating in my room which was dubbed JD’s Art Studio. I kept some of the work they did and included it in my journal.

This year I discovered happy mail along with junk journaling. Love this crafty world where we send craft items to people around the world and create memories in our junk journals. This page spread only has items sent to me from happy mail.

Junk journal

My junk journal inspiration

Thought I’d share my junk journal inspiration.

I discovered junk journaling on YouTube and Joanna Clough’s journals are what got me started making me own.

I love how you can use any papers for the pages and then use them however you want to record memories: writing, photos, ephemera (collected bits and pieces that help you remember an event).

Will share some photos of the journaling I’ve done in my 2017 junk journal in the next post.

Happy Mail

Sending some happy mail to the card giveaway winner

Excited to be sending a little bit of happy mail.

There were actually three winners but only one got back to me with their address, so congratulations to Erin.

She won four of my handmade cards with two designs.

And since I love happy mail and my love language is gifts, I added some crafty and stationery items.

Hope she likes them.

Happy Mail

Sending my first happy mail

I’m so excited to be sending my first happy mail.

I discovered a Facebook group that does arty happy mail swaps and I’ve got two people to send mail to at the moment.

I had fun shopping for them as well going through my stash. I included some handmade gifts as well.

I love that I can connect with people from around the world who share my love of art and junk journaling.

Excited to see how this all unfolds.

Do you send happy mail?

Craft hauls

Craft supply haul

Making and decorating journals is my new project. This craft supply shows how excited and inspired I am to get into junk journaling and bullet journaling.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a huge haul like this. So thankful for the tax money I get back each year. It’s like instant savings.

So here’s what I got:

Lots of stickers
Tags, envelopes, pretty paper clips, mini pegs, mini envelopes and cards, leaf ribbons
Washi tape
Papers and alphabet stencil
Paper trimmer, glue, pencil eraser, butterfly clips, notebooks
Storage containers to organise some of my art supplies

I tried to get items that went together so I could do themed journals.

I got a range of notebooks to experiment with which ones work best.

This is the first time I’m trying out tags and things like the paperclips and pegs because I love the idea of extra details in the journal like pockets, fold out pages, flaps, and ephemera stuck in the book without glue.

So excited to get started!


What art supplies do you want to buy?