Happy Mail

Happy mail from Christa at 2nd Chance Creations

I’m so blown away by this happy mail from Christa.

I wasn’t feeling well the day I got it, but when I got home from work and saw the package with the happy mail sticker, I couldn’t help but smile.

She reached out to me after seeing some of my YouTube videos where I mentioned how it was hard to get supplies in the small country town where I live. She said she’d send me some napkins, lace, and fabric.

I thought she’d just send a few bits of each but she gave me a massive package! It was full of so much lace that I absolutely adore. Plus the napkins, fabric, and so much more. Wow!

I’m so thankful for her generosity, and just love the amazing group of fellow junk journalers I’ve found. And look at how much blue she included! She definitely knows my favourite colour.

Here’s the spread I did dedicated to Christa’s happy mail in my 2018 journal:

Here’s a video of me opening the happy mail but beware of massive excitement:

Happy Mail

Sending my first random act of kindness happy mail

This is the package I put together to send to a randomly chosen junk journaler from New Zealand.

Hope it gives her a nice surprise and hope she can use the items in her junk journals.

Happy Mail

My first random act of kindness happy mail

In the junk journal group I’ve joined, there is a list where everyone can write their address so we can send and receive happy mail as a random act of kindness (RAK happy mail).

I love that it can be anonymous and that it’s unexpected. You have no idea if someone has sent anything to you.

I got my first RAK last week and it was such a lovely surprise.

You don’t have to send anything back but I always want to, especially since gifts is my love language and I just love spoiling people.

Here’s the package I’m sending back: