Junk journal

What shall I call my journals?

I’ve now sold 11 junk journals, I’ve got custom orders, and people have been asking if I have a website where I sell my journals.

So I’m looking at setting up a business and maybe even going to markets.

The only thing is people really don’t like the name junk journal. They look confused when I tell them I make junk journals and they picture something made from trash.

Yes, I upcycle unwanted books and give new life to them, but they are works of art. One-of-a-kind keepsake notebooks that are designed to inspire and every one of them is made with love.

Once people see my journals, they love them as much as I do, but they don’t want to call them junk journals.

I can totally understand this, and I want a name that reflects the beauty in these journals and the treasures they are.

Maybe I just call them journals. Would that work?

Then there’s the question of a business name. I want something that captures what junk journaling is all about for me: creativity, writing, memory keeping, inspiration, love. How do I capture that in a business name?

Or do I go for something that is more symbolic? E.g. I love blue butterflies and birds. So maybe Blue Butterfly or Bluebird or Fairy Wren?

I feel like I can’t start my business or website until I have a name.

Any ideas?

Junk journal

Sold two more journals

I sold these two journals – yay!

This second one is a faith journal:

I’ve got a custom order to make another faith journal. Excited to get to work on it.

Junk journal

A look at my 2018 junk journal

I thought I’d share an update of hour my 2018 junk journal is going.

On the inside of the cover I stick all the photos and ephemera I want to use in the journal.

I use this journal to record the major events and memories I want to record for the year. It’s loosely chronological but sometimes I choose a page spread that suits what I’m recording.

Here is a spread recording my first pair of demi-pointe shoes:

This spread records a spontaneous stay I had in Mornington with a friend. We saw The Greatest Showman at the cinema, ate ice-cream and did a lookout walk along the coast. I also discovered the shop Page8 and bought a twin set of journals.

Some people collect spoons or postcards or coffee mugs when they visit a place; I like to collect notebooks.

This spread records my new favourite magazine: Daphne’s Diary that I read from cover to cover then cut up and use in my junk journals.

This page records some happy mail I received from America:

This page records happy mail I got from Germany:

This page records a traditional walk I take my niece and nephew on each year when I go to Melbourne over the summer holidays. We collect bottle caps at the local footy oval and categorise them and compare them to the year before.

Hope you liked my journal so far.

I’ll share another update when I’ve got more pages done.

Do you like to journal?

Happy Mail

Next happy mail sent to South Africa

Slowly ticking off the countries I’m doing happy mail swaps to.

So far I’ve done Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, and now South Africa.

I’m thinking I’d love to get a stamp and a postcard from each country too.

It’s so fun!

Do you do snail mail swaps or have pen pals?


Happy Mail

Received this happy mail from the Netherlands

Yay, so excited to get this happy mail full of supplies for junk journaling.

I love knowing a package is coming and the anticipation of it arriving at my house. And I get so excited about opening it. It really does make me happy. I love the surprise and that it’s an exchange rather than buying a mystery box.

I love the blue butterfly fabric and the Dutch lace the most.

Junk journal

Mini op-shop haul for junk journals

I had a few spare minutes and ducked into an op-shop and picked up these four finds.

I got some embellishments and two books for their beautiful pictures.

I’m planning to make a junk journal out the fairy one:

And I’ve already made four journals out of the garden one. It had so many pages with gorgeous illustrations.

I’ll share those journals in a later post.

Junk journal

Flip-through of my mini junk journal

Here’s a look at the mini junk journal I made on YouTube.

I bought a smartphone holder to film this so I’ve got a new filming set-up but still experimenting.

The smartphone holder isn’t sturdy enough so I’ll look for a better one, but for now I’ll do my best with what I’ve got. It beats what I was doing before: using blu-tak to stick my phone to some books balanced on a chair sitting on my bed.

Anyway, hope you like the journal.

Junk journal

Handmade embellishments for junk journals

At the moment I’m working on making embellishments to decorate the pages of my junk journals.

I’m trying to make them in bulk so they’re all ready to be used when I make my journals.

For this set I was inspired by Yvonne Peterson’s YouTube video which I’ll share at the end of the post.

I used pages from a vintage cooking book and decorated them with various fabrics and laces.

First, I made pockets to place tags or journaling cards in:

Then I made tuck spots that I can stick on a page along three sides so a tag or journaling card can slide in behind it:

And then I made some envelopes to put a journaling card in and also can have a tuck spot behind it if stuck to the page along three sides:

I’ve still got to finish decorating some of them and will definitely make more.

Junk journal

Made my first mini junk journal

I was inspired the mini junk journal I got in the latest happy mail I got.

I used some of the leftover fabric from the same package to decorate the cover:

I also used coffee-dyed papers that were included in the happy mail and interspersed these with blue papers from my own stash. So it’s a blue vintage themed.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

I’ve still got to embellish some of the papers and include some ephemera.

I’ve been making lots of embellishments and ephemera and will share this in the next post.