Junk journal

Working on a new faith junk journal

I used a book cover to make the cover for this journal. I covered the front, back and spine with some pictures from a magazine-style Bible.

I used pictures from a children’s prayer book for the insides of the covers.

I’ve made up the four signatures. I’ve just got to bind them into the cover.

I’ll put up a post with pictures when I finish this junk journal.

Junk journal

My first faith junk journal – Given away

This is the first junk journal I’ve made with a faith theme. It can be used as a prayer journal, inspiration journal, or any other type of journal.

I used the cover of a Bible for the cover and covered the front and back with some pages from a magazine-style Bible.

I went to op-shops and collected Bibles to include as pages of the journal. There are children’s illustrated Bibles, some with gorgeous pictures, others that are vintage with fragile paper.

I’ve got all different types of Bibles and translations to give a good mix of pages.

I’ve also got some notebook pages from Bible-inspired journals. One of them was also a colouring book notebook.

There’s lots of room for writing and sticking in pictures.

It’s vintage inspired so all the blank or lined pages are tea-dyed.

Looking forward to making more of faith journals.

Happy Mail

How a card from a blogger encouraged me

Yesterday I received a beautiful card in the mail from America from a fellow blogger. It was such a lovely surprise.

She was one of the people who entered my bookmark giveaway and I sent her a letter with the bookmark she requested. I wasn’t expecting any return mail so I was confused when I saw the envelope from America.

Then I opened it and when I read the card it made my day. The blogger thanked me for the bookmark and my kindness and generosity. She also said I reminded her to focus on what’s important at a time when she was struggling to be herself. She said I gave her an incredible gift and she was deeply grateful.

Wow! I’m never sure if my art and my words mean anything to people and when I wrote the letters with encouraging words to the giveaway winners, I wasn’t sure how they would be received. So to actually hear that what I created/wrote/gave spoke to someone was such an encouragement to me

I use writing and art to build people up, but to know that it actually does build people up reminds me I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

Not everyone understands what I do but I’ve come to a place where I know all I have to do is write and create and trust that God will use it to impact people. I’ve come to accept I may never know how it impacts people, but when I do get a glimpse of it, it’s so encouraging.

When have you been encouraged?