Giveaway prize from Tsunami Rose

I was so excited when I found out I won my very first giveaway on YouTube.

And what a giveaway to win! I love Tsunami Rose’s digital kits. She’s like a celebrity in the junk journal world, so, to win one of her embellishment packs was amazing.

Definitely excited to use these in journals.


My third go at sewing: Embellishments

I’m having more and more fun using my sewing machine.

This time I tried making some embellishments to put in journals.  I sewed coffee-dyed paper onto the back of these lovely images from two of Artymaze’s digital kits.

I also sewed some lace onto some of them and tried different types of stitching.

Definitely going to be doing more. Love them!

Here’s a video where I go through them:

What do you think?

Junk journal

I’m getting a sewing machine!!!

Wow, yesterday I sold six journals and 12 stamp tags!!! Completely shocked and blown away.

I sold five of these eight journals with my artwork on the covers:

I shared them on my YouTube channel and I seriously didn’t think any of them would sell. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up the next day and saw that five of them sold.

Then on top of that I sold this journal:

Here it is all wrapped up:

I included a bag of extra goodies with each journal to help people get started or to use in other creative projects.

And here are the tags I sold:

So I have well and truly got enough money now to get a sewing machine – wow!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get there.

Here’s the flipthrough I did of the journals with my art on the covers:

If you’d like to purchase a journal, feel free to check out my shop: Willowbound Journals.

Happy Mail

More happy mail from Sweden

Got this beautiful package from the lovely Marit.

She wanted to send me the horses, but I didn’t realise she was sending everything else.

I love the journaling cards and tags that are backed on coffee-dyed paper.

She got this package so right with the blue birds, blue butterflies, and peacocks.

Will definitely have fun using them in journals.

Craft hauls

Etsy haul and gifts from Bonny And Clive

I bought some coin tags and stamp tags from the lovely Bonny after seeing her videos on YouTube.

She gave me a great deal with the tags. I got a bulk lot that I can use to record significant years in my life and the life of my family. The ones with blue trim are my birth year so I’ll put those with some baby photos, baby cards, and my birth notice.

They are so special. So excited to use these.

And I love the stamp tags too. The stamps are cut out from a catalogue and she threw in some pages for me.

Not only that but she threw in so many extras. I adore the lace, especially the blue lace. And I love the blue butterflies.

I could create a junk journal just with these things she gave me. She absolutely spoiled me. Thank you so much Bonny!!!!

I’m definitely planning on buying more from her.

Check out her Etsy shop: Bonny And Clive

Here are the videos showing her coin tags and stamp tags:


Mini tutorial and giveaway: Stamp tags

After being inspired by Liz’s stamp tags at The Paper Project and buying a bulk lots of cancelled stamps, I made my own collection of stamp tags.

I bought 50 tags from Carefully Crafted on Etsy. I could have made my own but I just wanted to get straight into making these stamp tags and took the lazy option.

Then I experimented with layering. I added different laces and trims to the tags, some I added paper or ribbon. Some of them I coffee-dyed with a spray bottle before the layering was applied; others I coffee-dyed after the layering.

Then I added a button and ribbons and attached them using a garment pin. I got a bulk lot of garment pins from A Tattered Dream on Etsy.

I made about 33 tags and love how they turned out.

Here’s a video of the tutorial and a look at all the tags:

Let me know what you think of the tags.

If you like them and would like to own one, just let me know your favourite one and it could be yours.

Since I make things in bulk and gifts is my love language, I hope to do many more giveaways with the embellishments and journals I make, plus happy mail.

I’ll also try to do more tutorials, but I apologise for my amateur video doing my first YouTube tutorial and giveaway. I’ll hopefully get better at this.

Please subscribe to my channel if you like what I make and want to follow my journaling journey and to for more tutorials and giveaways.

Also, let me know if there’s something you want me to share.

I just love junk journals so much!!!


Cancelled stamp haul

I bought a bulk lot of stamps to make stamp embellishments.

I bought 80 but the lady threw in quite a few extras and I got over 100.

They also came with a lovely card.

I got these stamps specifically to make tag embellishments inspired by Liz at The Paper Project.

Here’s the first tag embellishment I made for one of my journals:

Love it!

Will definitely make more of these.

Here’s the video that inspired me: