Junk journal

Purple faith journal (for sale)

Since I’ve got a custom order for two of these faith journals, I’m making some in bulk.

I love the cover of this one with the purple flowers and the purple and teal ribbons.

It’s available in my Etsy: Willowbound Journals

Here’s a flip through:

Junk journal

Four faith journals

I got a custom order from a lady who want four faith journals to give to her friends.

Here are the covers:

They’re all a little different, but all have the same sort of style with the same range of papers.

Here’s a look at what they look like on the inside:

Love making these journals. Got an order for two more – yay! So, I’m making a bulk lot of four-six faith journals and hopefully the lady likes two of them.

Here’s a flip through of each journal:

Junk journal

Flip-through of the ‘morning to night’ faith journal

Here’s a look at all the cool pages in this faith journal.

I wasn’t feeling the best when I filmed this, so sorry I’m a bit flat in this video. Plus, I’m still awkward – haha! I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to talking while filming myself (or my hands).

But I love sharing my creations, so I’ll keep doing it and hope you enjoy seeing what I make.

Junk journal

‘From morning to night’ faith journal

The idea behind this was a ‘morning to night’ faith journal with a sunrise and sunset on the front and back covers.

Just an encouragement for whoever gets this journal that God is always with them and they can stay connected to him every second of the day.

I like that the back cover with the palm trees actually reminds me of where I live in north Qld.

Junk journal

Custom order faith journals

My faith journals are my biggest hit. They’re my best sellers by far and people have been requesting custom orders.

I tailor the journals for them with the colours, themes, tags, and quotes.

A friend of mine is buying one for her nan’s birthday, so I made two journals that she can choose from, the one above and this one below:

They’re exactly the same style but with a different range of papers and tags.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

Junk journal

Made three faith junk journals

I made another three paper-bag junk journals, this time a faith journal series.

Each is made with lots of Bible pages and Bible illustrations mixed with writing papers and decorative pages. They make great prayer journals, devotional journals, or just an inspirational journal.

The first one is Daniel and David themed. The second one is birth and children themed. The third focuses on well-known passages and verses.

Here’s a look at the covers:

And here’s a look at some of the pages:

Junk journal

Genesis-themed faith junk journal – SOLD

I made this faith junk journal this week. It’s slightly different to my other spiral bound faith journals in that all the Bible pages I used come from Genesis. I ordered the collection of pages in the order that the stories appear in Genesis.

So this journal is like a walk through Genesis. I like to think a person can read Genesis in their own Bible and write their thoughts about it in this journal – a Genesis devotional junk journal.

There are also the many quotes pages, prompt pages, prayer pages, scripture pages, and music pages.

A friend bought this journal today because she loves all the prompts and finds it easier to engage with the Bible in this format.

Here’s a look at some of the page spreads:

Junk journal

Another faith junk journal made – SOLD

After the sale of two spiral bound faith junk journals, I made another one in the same style.

With pages from all different types of Bibles, some with pictures. Plus pages from two types of journals with scriptures, prompts, and colouring in pictures.

People love the tags, flaps, pockets, bags, and all those fun things most, so I added those to lots of the pages.

It’s very much an interactive book that makes engaging with God and the Bible something more interesting, exciting, and fun.

I’ve run out of pages from quite a few of the books I used so I’ll have to buy some more.

I included some handmade tags and will have to make more of those too.

Junk journaling has definitely made me look at random papers differently.

I use the envelopes I get in the mail, I cut up packaging, and I keep the paper bags I get from shops. I love reusing them and turning them into something interesting in junk journals.

Junk journal

Sold two faith junk journals

So excited to have sold two more junk journals. This is the first lot of faith junk journals that I sold.

One person bought them, one for herself and one for her sister.

She said she’d been wanting something like this. She likes the idea of using the scriptures, prompts, quotes, and prayers on the pages as inspiration. I love that!

She’s looking to buy more to give to others as well. To help girls with the Bible reading, devotions, and journey with God.

That makes me so excited because that’s what these journals are for. An inspirational, beautiful place that people are excited to go to, to write and create in, and to engage with God in. Something fun and interesting as opposed to a blank notebook.

The two journals are very similar and now that I know people like them, I’ll be making a bunch more.

I showed some of the youth girls the journals I make and they all wanted one. One already has a journal on hold and the others all put in requests for faith junk journals as well as the more generic junk journals.

Better get to work!

Junk journal

Next faith junk journal made – SOLD

People have been liking my spiral bound junk journals with their ribbons, tags, and full page spreads.

The advantage these journals have over the handbound ones are that there are no signatures so the pages aren’t folded in half. This means I stick full pages onto the pages that are already in the notebook and they can be full size.

The disadvantage is fewer pages but it does create a beautiful book where the pages are more for inspiration than creating your own spreads on the page.

Although, this junk journal can be used either way. You can just look at the pretty pages and use the note paper to journal on or you can collage and write over all the pages.

I prefer the handbound journals so I can create on the pages, but I definitely see why people are drawn to the spiral bound journals. They’re so pretty!

And for an inspirational faith journal, this kind of journal is great. A book to write prayers, or take bible notes, or a God journal, or devotional journal.

It’s a junk journal that you not only can fill in but that can fill you with the scriptures, prayers, prompts, and colouring pages for inspiration.

Thanks so much for checking out my faith junk journal.