Doily printables

Hope you enjoy using these doily printables in your craft projects.

You are free to save them to your computer and print them and use them however you want. You can share them but please do not sell them.

Leave a comment if you like them, and if you use them I’d love to see. Send me a photo and I’ll share it on my blog.

I’ll try to update this page with more doilies whenever I get them.

20 thoughts on “Doily printables”

    1. Hello, you right click on the image, and click Save As, then save it to your computer in whichever file/folder you’d like. Just like saving a Word document, you can choose where to save it and can rename the file to whatever you want. Hope that helps.


    1. I use normal 80gsm copy paper for background papers. For embellishments and ephemera I like to use 200gsm paper. I especially love the glossy finish paper but any 200gsm paper works.
      Was wondering how you discovered junk journals? Have you made any so far? Cheering you on!


      1. I am an avid journaler and just stumbles upon them on the internet. I have made two but They are ok. They were just practice. I am really interested in travel notebooks so I have been making inserts for that type of journal and I use vintage pages for doing so. I am a bit hesitant to create because writing has always been my strength, I do not truwst my ability yet. I am working to overcome this though.


        1. Hehe, me too, through Youtube. So glad! Ooh, what kind of TN’s do you have? So cool you’re making you’re own inserts. I just got some Chic Sparrow TN’s and struggling a little using them. Would love to make my own inserts.
          Just get into creating and having fun. Mistakes are okay, all part of the process to finding what works for you. So excited for you!

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          1. I am using a fauxdori that I bought from a local craft store. It was cheap but I bought it to make sure I like the system. I’ve seen Chic Sparrow on Instagram. When I buy a leather one it will proably be from Foxy Fix. Her’s are to die for. I am loving the system because it allows me to do so much yet keep it all seperate. I am using the Midori size 8.25 x 4.3 and I have an insert for “forever” with birthdays and information that doesn’t change, a to-do insert, a blog log, a blank that I decorate into a weekly calendar and then a journal insert. I theme them. This month is vintage, of course, but with the colors red, blue, yellow, and gold. What size is yours? I could make you a few inserts 🙂


          2. Apologies for the late reply. I’ve neglected my blog.
            I love that. Thank you so much for sharing. Keeping them separate but together is such a fun idea. I’m still learning how to use mine but loving them. I’ve got a pocket, personal and B6 slim. Aww thanks so much for the offer. I would love to try making my own inserts one day in the junk journal style.


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