Craft hauls

Etsy haul and gifts from Bonny And Clive

I bought some coin tags and stamp tags from the lovely Bonny after seeing her videos on YouTube.

She gave me a great deal with the tags. I got a bulk lot that I can use to record significant years in my life and the life of my family. The ones with blue trim are my birth year so I’ll put those with some baby photos, baby cards, and my birth notice.

They are so special. So excited to use these.

And I love the stamp tags too. The stamps are cut out from a catalogue and she threw in some pages for me.

Not only that but she threw in so many extras. I adore the lace, especially the blue lace. And I love the blue butterflies.

I could create a junk journal just with these things she gave me. She absolutely spoiled me. Thank you so much Bonny!!!!

I’m definitely planning on buying more from her.

Check out her Etsy shop: Bonny And Clive

Here are the videos showing her coin tags and stamp tags:

Craft hauls

Supplies for junk journals

I’m back from my trip home to Melbourne where I stocked up on supplies for art journals.

Above is a picture of books and various ephemera that I got from op-shops. Trying to get into the vintage look as well as anything I like the look of.

My mum gave me a $50 voucher for my birthday for Riot Art and Craft so I got this with it:

Then here’s a bunch of ephemera I collected from my stay in Melbourne:

It includes business cards of places I ate meals at, plane tickets, the  birthday card and envelope from my mum, some art from my nephew, and some scraps he gave me just for junk journals.

I love the idea of having a basket of ephemera that I collect ephemera in for each week and then once a week I put the ephemera in my junk journal to record memorable moments and simple moments.

When I came back I bought some glue and visual diaries and some extra supplies to make the junk journals.

So excited to get stuck into making so many junk journals and experimenting with what works for me.

Do you junk journal?

Craft hauls

Craft supply haul

Making and decorating journals is my new project. This craft supply shows how excited and inspired I am to get into junk journaling and bullet journaling.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a huge haul like this. So thankful for the tax money I get back each year. It’s like instant savings.

So here’s what I got:

Lots of stickers
Tags, envelopes, pretty paper clips, mini pegs, mini envelopes and cards, leaf ribbons
Washi tape
Papers and alphabet stencil
Paper trimmer, glue, pencil eraser, butterfly clips, notebooks
Storage containers to organise some of my art supplies

I tried to get items that went together so I could do themed journals.

I got a range of notebooks to experiment with which ones work best.

This is the first time I’m trying out tags and things like the paperclips and pegs because I love the idea of extra details in the journal like pockets, fold out pages, flaps, and ephemera stuck in the book without glue.

So excited to get started!


What art supplies do you want to buy?