Junk journal

Blue butterfly journal gifted to me from Mary

I got the most amazing surprise when I opened up a package and found this beautiful journal made by Mary.

She had contacted me out of the blue one day asking for my address to send me some happy mail.

I was expecting craft items, so, this journal was such a wonderful surprise. It’s the first journal I’ve received from someone else and she made it with me in mind which makes it so special.

There’s lots of blue and lots of butterflies, and she added so many details that she’d heard me mention while watching my YouTue videos.

The amount of detail, thought, care, time, and effort that went into this journal is incredible. I’m so thankful for it and it makes me feel very loved and appreciated.

Mary said that we started making journals at around the same time and she just needed to see someone else at the same stage as her start a YouTube channel first. She now has a channel herself and she shares her beautiful work.

I am so honoured to have one of her journals.

Thank you so much Mary. I absolutely love it.

I’m going to think of a special way to use it because it’s such a special journal. A treasure.

Here’s a flip through of the amazing journal:


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