Junk journal

Making a junk journal from start to finish

I made this journal using one of my junk journal kits and I filmed the entire process. It took me three days and ten videos – phew!

My heart behind doing this was to show people what making a junk journal looks like. I especially hoped this was helpful for beginners.

I go through the stages of preparing pages, making a signature, making a cover, handbinding the pages into the cover, and embellishing the journal.

Here are some of the pages I used:

Here is the signature:

And here is the journal all handbound with the pages attached to the cover:

Amazingly, one of my YouTube watchers emailed me and asked if I was selling the journal. And before I even published the final flip through video, she bought it – wow!

I won’t share all of the videos in this post, but since some people have asked about how to sew pages into the cover, here is the handbinding video:

If you’d like to see the whole process or any of my other creations, you can visit my channel Willowbound Journals.

And just to give bit of an update, I haven’t posted as much lately because my YouTube channel and Etsy is taking most of my time. I never expected this as I never even thought I’d have a channel or an Etsy shop, but now that it’s taking off, more of my time has been going into it.

I’ll try to keep posting here, though, and sharing my creations.

Thank you so much to those who follow my blog and have joined me on this junk journal journey. I so appreciate you and want to keep you in the loop.