Junk journal

Peacock Journal

I was given a challenge when the lovely Andrea sent me some happy mail. She included two coasters for me to use creatively.

At first I had no idea what to do with them because they weren’t my colours or style. But then I turned them over and was inspired by the blank surface and stuck a pretty napkin to them.

The peacock one then inspired me to make a peacock journal.

Loved upcycling and creating something beautiful and giving new life to an ordinary object.

I included all of the peacock items I was hoarding, and I love the peacock feather in the back.

A lady bought this one straight away and will be using this as a gratitude journal.

I’m inspired to make a butterfly journal with the other coaster. Thank you Cathy for the beautiful napkin.

Here’s a flip through of the peacock journal:

Junk journal

Blue Delight Journal

Loved making this journal so much.

The book I used is called A Book of Delight, so I took that as my inspiration and named this Blue Delight where the idea behind it was to create a mystery box/happy mail in a journal.

It’s packed full of items in pockets and tucks that can be pulled out and used in other creative projects.

Lots of people and countries represented in this journal as I tried to include items from all the happy mails I’ve received.

So amazed that this journal sold yesterday. So exciting! Hope the lovely lady loves this journal with all its delightful surprises.

Junk journal

Etsy launch for Willowbound Journals

I’m so excited to officially launch Willowbound Journals on Etsy.

I’ve been overwhelmed that my journals have been selling. Just this past week, ten journals sold.

I’ve been happy with my trial on Etsy, and now is the time to make the move to Etsy.

To celebrate and thank all the ladies who have supported and encouraged me, I’m having an Etsy sale with $5-15 off journals and other items.

I’m also having a week of giveaways. All info is in this video, along with a bit of my journey to Etsy:

Junk journal

Pride and Prejudice Journal

I got this amazing illustrated version of Pride an Prejudice in an op-shop and fell in love with the cover.

Then I was inspired by the beautiful dresses in one of the images and it gave me the theme and colours for this journal with all the lace and ruffles on the side.

I was going to leave the inside of the covers with the plain blue that was already there, but the title pages were so beautiful and I put them on the covers.

I love how they look:

I included some pages and images from the book throughout and really hope I did justice to Pride and Prejudice and honoured the story.

Here’s the image that inspired the book:

It’s available in my shop Willowbound Journals and my Etsy.

Here’s a flip through:


Two embellishment ideas and tutorials

Just wanted to share these couple of embellishments that might inspire you to give them a go.

They’re really quick and simple. Easy for beginners to pick up.

I find it easier to do tutorials through YouTube, so here are the videos for these.

Embellished paperclip:

Shaker bag:

Junk journal

Daphne’s Diary Journals

I had so much fun making these journals out of my favourite magazine Daphne’s Diary.

They were inspired by traveller’s notebook inserts and I didn’t embellish them because I wanted the magazine to be the star of the show. The pages are so beautiful and I didn’t want anything to overshadow them.

You can’t sell anything that has Daphne’s Diary as part of it, so I was saving these as thank-you gifts. If anyone has their heart set on one and you’re willing to pay postage, if you donate to my Traveller’s Notebook Fund, I can send you one as a thank you gift. Just let me know which journal you’d like, and it’s first in best dressed.

Donations can be made via Paypal, or you can pay via direct deposit if you’re in Australia. Email me at willowboundjournals@gmail.com if you want to chat.

Postage is $10 Australia-wide which includes tracking. To most places overseas, it should be $17.50 overseas without tracking or $25 with tracking.

Here are the journals, noting that they aren’t made for traveller’s notebooks as inserts, just inspired by them. So, sizing is a very loose approximation as the journals are made to standalone. They may fit a traveller’s notebook, but that would just be by chance.

Number 1 (Reserved):

Approximate size: Passport

Number 2:

Approximate size: Pocket

Number 3:

Approximate size: Personal/Field notes

Number 4 (Reserved):

Approximate size: Personal/Field notes

Number 5 (Reserved):

Approximate size: Personal/Field notes

Number 6:

Approximate size: Standard

Number 7:

Approximate size: Standard

Number 8 (reserved):

Approximate size: Standard

Here’s a flip through of all of them:

Happy Mail

More happy mail from two lovely ladies

I was amazed to get all these lovely fibres from Sue. She already sent me a package that was massive. Love the vibrant colours. I’m thinking boho, mermaid, and forest journals are in the making with these.

Then the lovely Tonia sent me these amazing trims:

So excited to make pockets with them and do some sewing with them.

Happy Mail

Happy mail from Andrea

Thank you so much to Andrea for sending a lovely happy mail that I could use to decorate this middle page of my 2018 journal.

Here’s the package she sent me:

I especially love the lace and have already used some of it to decorate the spines of some of my journals.

And she sent me my first piece of cheesecloth. I’m so excited because I’ve been wanting some. I’d love to be able to sew it and making collages with it when I’m more confident with the sewing machine.


My first go at sewing

I was putting this off for so long, but then my friend dropped by for a visit and set up my sewing machine for me – yay!

She showed me what to do and sewed a few things for me to see how it was done.

Then I gave it a go be sewing some envelopes I made from book pages.

There were a few duds but I managed to get a few that looked all right.

Here’s the best one of the lot:

Proud of myself for actually getting it straight – woohoo!

I’ve done a couple of tags and envelopes that I included in a junk journal, so, I’ve made a start.

I’ll have to do lots of practice, though, to feel comfortable with sewing. Looking forward to the day when it’s just habit.

Junk journal

Making a junk journal from start to finish

I made this journal using one of my junk journal kits and I filmed the entire process. It took me three days and ten videos – phew!

My heart behind doing this was to show people what making a junk journal looks like. I especially hoped this was helpful for beginners.

I go through the stages of preparing pages, making a signature, making a cover, handbinding the pages into the cover, and embellishing the journal.

Here are some of the pages I used:

Here is the signature:

And here is the journal all handbound with the pages attached to the cover:

Amazingly, one of my YouTube watchers emailed me and asked if I was selling the journal. And before I even published the final flip through video, she bought it – wow!

I won’t share all of the videos in this post, but since some people have asked about how to sew pages into the cover, here is the handbinding video:

If you’d like to see the whole process or any of my other creations, you can visit my channel Willowbound Journals.

And just to give bit of an update, I haven’t posted as much lately because my YouTube channel and Etsy is taking most of my time. I never expected this as I never even thought I’d have a channel or an Etsy shop, but now that it’s taking off, more of my time has been going into it.

I’ll try to keep posting here, though, and sharing my creations.

Thank you so much to those who follow my blog and have joined me on this junk journal journey. I so appreciate you and want to keep you in the loop.