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Business cards and journal sale

Well, I got the business cards and I love them – yay!

Really happy with how they turned out. Simple but packed with meaning.

Now that I’ve officially got a name, logo, and business cards, I’ve set up a bit of an online shop for my journals and am having a sale to go with the launch.

Just for my blog followers and YouTube subscribers, I’m taking $5 off all journals. So, whatever price is listed on my journals, take $5 off. That will mean prices range from $15 to $30.

The sale will last for a week as a celebration and thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me.

I’m not sure if anyone will want my journals, but I just want to give this opportunity. And if I do make any sales, the money will go towards a sewing machine.

I really want to get one after seeing fellow junk journalers and the amazing creations they make with sewing machines. But I’m really intimidated by the sewing machine, so I wouldn’t get it normally.

Also, I want 10% of all sales go to a charity. I just have to think carefully before I choose which one. But from now on, if I make any sales, I’ll put aside 10% for each journal.

I’ll keep you posted with which charity I choose and why.

I’m still getting set up and not sure how this will go but here’s my shop: Willowbound Journals Shop.

I’ve still got some journals to add and I’ll try to do flip-throughs of each of them.

I’m wondering if I should set up an Etsy shop instead? It just looks a bit intimidating working Etsy out, but if that’s what people prefer and if it’s easier for people, then I’ll definitely look at moving to Etsy.

Thanks so much for following my journey. It’s a bit rocky as I get started but I’ll learn as I go.

Really appreciate your support and encouragement and want to thank you so much!!!


The story behind the Willowbound name

Back at my childhood home, there was a magnificent willow at the front of the yard. It was massive!

I grew up playing under that willow and it was magical. I loved it in summer when no-one could see me through the curtain of leaves.

I felt like a princess climbing its branches, and my imagination ran wild as I made up stories and fantasy lands.

The willow was my favourite place; it was a place of beauty and  wonder and it felt like home.

Sadly, when the house was sold, the willow was cut down. But this weeping willow will always be one of my special memories.

The willow symbolises to me the heart of a journal.

A journal is a place where you can be yourself. It’s a place where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s a place where you can be creative and express yourself. It’s a place where you can document your memories, keep your treasures, and record your life. It’s a place of beauty and wonder. And it’s a place that feels like home.

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Giveaway winner announced (plus more giveaways)

Yay, so excited to finally announce the winner. Congratulations to Vicky Kellari!

I’ve just been so blown away by the support and encouragement through YouTube. I never thought I’d like YouTube but now I’m subscribed to so many inspiring channels and I love making my own videos to inspire others.

I’m excited for three more upcoming giveaways. Some more napkin envelopes, some embellished tags, and an issue of Daphne’s Diary.

Stay tuned for the next videos with details of how to enter.

There are also some tutorials coming up as some people have been asking for more of them

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on my channel, because I’m always up for helping out in any way I can. And I just love spreading the inspiration, generosity, and joy of junk journaling.

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Bird Journal for my mum’s birthday

I loved making this journal because of the meaning behind it.

My mum loves birds, so I made this for her.

I used some pages from Australian bird books throughout and also embellished some of the pages.

I used a lot of Tim Holtz ephemera and anything in my stash that had birds.

I didn’t want to include too many embellishments, though, so that my mum could use it for writing or drawing.

I wasn’t sure if Mum would like it but she did and she’s already used it to stick her bird drawings on the pages.

Her drawings are amazing!

Here’s a flip through of this bird lovers journal:

Happy Mail

Happy mail from Christa at 2nd Chance Creations

I’m so blown away by this happy mail from Christa.

I wasn’t feeling well the day I got it, but when I got home from work and saw the package with the happy mail sticker, I couldn’t help but smile.

She reached out to me after seeing some of my YouTube videos where I mentioned how it was hard to get supplies in the small country town where I live. She said she’d send me some napkins, lace, and fabric.

I thought she’d just send a few bits of each but she gave me a massive package! It was full of so much lace that I absolutely adore. Plus the napkins, fabric, and so much more. Wow!

I’m so thankful for her generosity, and just love the amazing group of fellow junk journalers I’ve found. And look at how much blue she included! She definitely knows my favourite colour.

Here’s the spread I did dedicated to Christa’s happy mail in my 2018 journal:

Here’s a video of me opening the happy mail but beware of massive excitement:

Junk journal

Blue Dove Journal

Here’s the latest journal I’ve made.

This one has a big part of my heart in it with the blue theme, the style, and the words I included throughout it.

I absolutely love how the cover turned out. I added words that speak to me of what a journal is: a place to be yourself and share your heart.

I embellished nearly every page and used so many creative ideas inspired by so many lovely junk journalers.

I think I’m getting more comfortable with collaging, and I just had a lot fun making this.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite pages:

Here’s a flip through if anyone’s interested:

Junk journal

Another journal sold

Wow, after so much interest in the book cover version of this journal, I put this one up for sale and it also sold within the day.

In fact, two ladies wanted to buy this one. It’s a very popular image, it seems.

I’m so excited to know people are liking what I create. It’s so encouraging.

I hope the lovely lady who bought this loves writing and creating in this journal. I hope it inspires her every time she sees the cover and picks it up.

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100 subscriber Youube giveaway

Yay, after reaching 100 subscribers on YouTube, this gives me the perfect chance to do a journal giveaway.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I wanted to do one for my YouTube launch but since no-one watched my videos back then, there was no point.

So, now that I know there are people who like my channel and what I create, I’m super excited and so appreciate it. Everyone is just so supportive, encouraging, kind, inspiring, and generous. I love it!

So, for this giveaway, you need to be a subscriber to my channel, like the video, and comment on the video which journal you like best.

Also, there’s another giveaway I’m doing with the napkin envelopes I made so watch the video to find out how to enter that one.

And, I also want to start doing freebies, so I’ve got some doily printables I’ve made available for anyone who wants to use them in their craft projects. I love them!

Hope you enjoy the giveaway.

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Sold this Vintage Pink Lady journal

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited.

I advertised this journal in three Facebook groups on Saturday night and when I woke up the next morning, three people were interested in buying it.

I ended up selling it to a local here in Bowen. She bought it for her mum’s birthday.

As always, I included a few extras to help her mum get started. Hope she loves it!


Logo and business card

Well, I’ve just ordered 100 of these business cards for a trial run.

I ended up including blue in the logo because even though all black is classic, when I saw the proofs it just wasn’t me. I need colour, and blue is me.

The blue also represents creativity. I love the classic look but I’m not here to be classic; I’m here to be creative. So I wanted to go for something a bit different that spoke of imagination and an element of unconventionality.

The other thing I changed was the back where I streamlined it. It was a bit too busy with all the social media icons, so I just simplified it and included the two most important details.

I’m not sure if I’ll like the colour or design when I see the actual cards so that’s why I’ve just gone for 100 cards. I can always change it for the next print run.