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Sold three journals

Wow, I am so blown away that three lovely ladies bought a journal during my one-week sale for the launch of Willowbound Journals.

So excited that these three journals sold:

All the money is going towards a sewing machine, so I’ve got $60 to go towards it. I think I only need $40 more since I’m just going to get a basic beginner machine.

I thought I was pretty safe not getting sewing machine. I’m so intimated because the only time I’ve used one was back in Year 8 and I was terrible. The thread kept getting knotted and I couldn’t sew straight.

So, I’m daunted about having to learn how to set one up and use one. It’s going to take a lot of energy and effort just to research it all and then to practice.

I hope I’ll be able to get good at sewing, but will just take a bit of patience.


9 thoughts on “Sold three journals”

  1. Hi JD. I felt the same about a sewing machine, but now I have 2! It really helped to have a practise using my friend’s machine, just to feel confident that I could do it. She then recommended brother as a brand, and also getting one that had hand controls on it (manual speed settings and buttons to start /stop and go backwards) and I ended up getting the simplest one I could find with the fewest different stitches on it. I’m not very confident about the idea of changing the foot to make dictent stitches, but threading and setting up my machine was surprisingly essay and intuitive given that the stages are numbered on the machine itself. This is a big contrast to my mums sewing machine when I was younger which I could never manage. Hope this gives you some confidence to just go for it


    1. Aww, thanks so much for the advice and encouragement. My grandma was a great sewer; I should have paid more attention while she was still alive – hehe. I never thought I’d get into sewing but now here I am wanting to learn but clueless. Will definitely give it a go – thanks!


          1. The wrap around skirt was really easy to make… I can recommend it. Also, when I first started out I was tempted by this idea of a 4 box subscription with different sewing projects to learn how to sew https://www.craftclubbox.co.uk/collections/learn-to-sew/products/learn-to-sew-absolute-beginner-4-box-series I didn’t go for it in the end as I’ve just ended up using lors of on line tutorials for bags and zippered pouches. Check out my blog for links to this I’ve used. My sewing adventure started back in December 2017 and I’ve done lots of other crafts in the meantime, so you shouldn’t have too many posts to trawl through!


  2. I hope you have your sewing machine by now! My 8th grade home economics (which is what they called it back in the late 1960s) teacher told me I sewed as crooked as a snake! Needless to say, I did not continue sewing. I finally got a sewing machine last year to use on journals. I was too intimidated to use it for a while, but then I got it set up and was sewing away, thanks to the DVD that came with it! Then my son borrowed it and messed up the tension or something, so I haven’t used it for a year! Looking forward to seeing your sewing on your journal pages.


    1. Not yet, just got to research the best one to get and the lovely ladies in one of the junk journal Facebook groups are helping me.
      Oh, you’ll have to get back into sewing, for sure. I found a machine that comes with a DVD so I might get that one – hehe!


      1. Don’t know if it’s available over there, but the one I got was a brother JX2517. Got it at Walmart, very reasonably priced. It doesn’t have a whole lot of stitches, but it’s plenty for me. That is, if I ever get it going again. I need to invite a friend who sews over to see if she can help me figure out the problem.


        1. Hope you get it going again. At the moment I’m tossing up between a Janome and a Brother. They’re the same price, so just not sure yet.


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