Junk journal

Sold three journals

Wow, I am so blown away that three lovely ladies bought a journal during my one-week sale for the launch of Willowbound Journals.

So excited that these three journals sold:

All the money is going towards a sewing machine, so I’ve got $60 to go towards it. I think I only need $40 more since I’m just going to get a basic beginner machine.

I thought I was pretty safe not getting sewing machine. I’m so intimated because the only time I’ve used one was back in Year 8 and I was terrible. The thread kept getting knotted and I couldn’t sew straight.

So, I’m daunted about having to learn how to set one up and use one. It’s going to take a lot of energy and effort just to research it all and then to practice.

I hope I’ll be able to get good at sewing, but will just take a bit of patience.