Logo and business card

Well, I’ve just ordered 100 of these business cards for a trial run.

I ended up including blue in the logo because even though all black is classic, when I saw the proofs it just wasn’t me. I need colour, and blue is me.

The blue also represents creativity. I love the classic look but I’m not here to be classic; I’m here to be creative. So I wanted to go for something a bit different that spoke of imagination and an element of unconventionality.

The other thing I changed was the back where I streamlined it. It was a bit too busy with all the social media icons, so I just simplified it and included the two most important details.

I’m not sure if I’ll like the colour or design when I see the actual cards so that’s why I’ve just gone for 100 cards. I can always change it for the next print run.


4 thoughts on “Logo and business card”

  1. I would want the color, too. Of course, that would be purple in my case. 🙂

    I’m planning for a hot weather trip, and taking mostly black and white clothes is so practical, but so depressing to me. (Even with colorful scarves.)

    I think I’m addicted to color. Without something voluptuously beautiful nearby, my soul shrivels.

    Your cards look lovely on my screen. 🙂


    1. Yay for colour. Oh, I agree about the clothing. I was trying this minimalist thing a while ago and through it I learnt that the type of clothing I wore actually made a difference to my mood. Pretty much my whole wardrobe is blue – hehe. It helps for uniform dressing, sort of like a capsule wardrobe.
      And my room, I just need colour in it. Blank walls make my soul shrivel too. It’s only when I decorate them that I feel like me.
      Thanks so much!


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