Junk journal

Flip-through of the ‘morning to night’ faith journal

Here’s a look at all the cool pages in this faith journal.

I wasn’t feeling the best when I filmed this, so sorry I’m a bit flat in this video. Plus, I’m still awkward – haha! I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to talking while filming myself (or my hands).

But I love sharing my creations, so I’ll keep doing it and hope you enjoy seeing what I make.

Junk journal

‘From morning to night’ faith journal

The idea behind this was a ‘morning to night’ faith journal with a sunrise and sunset on the front and back covers.

Just an encouragement for whoever gets this journal that God is always with them and they can stay connected to him every second of the day.

I like that the back cover with the palm trees actually reminds me of where I live in north Qld.

Junk journal

A look at all the journals I’ve sold so far

I have so much fun making these journals.

Here’s a look at all the journals I’ve sold so far.

This was the very first journal I sold that my sister-in-law bought:

My next-door neighbour bought these two journals:

One of my friend’s bought these two journals (the second one is a faith journal):

She also bought this journal for her friend’s birthday:

One friend bought these two faith journals that she gave to two of her sisters:

A friend bought this journal for her daughter:

Another friend bought this journal:

A friend bought this faith journal:

She also bought this journal for her nan’s birthday:

Junk journal

Vintage journal with ephemera

I used a whole bunch of vintage papers I got in happy mail and some of the items I got from my first Etsy haul from A Tattered Dream.

The cover is a collage of papers and journaling cards.

The inside of the front cover has a library card and pocket with a journaling card tucked behind it:

I loved working with these vintage pages. There are book pages, children’s book pages, and newspapers as well as some vintage pages from my own collection.

I interspersed them with coffee-dyed paper yet again. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to white paper.

I included some cute little journaling cards with prompts on them.

This was the first time I used a glassine bag and I love how it looks with a Tim Holtz piece from an ephemera pack on the front, a vintage ephemera piece that can be used as a journaling card in the bag, and some paper to write on tucked behind the bag:

I love having multiple tucks and having that interactive feature in the journals. Makes it so interesting.

Then here I used a glassine envelope for the first time and added a Tim Holtz piece on the front, a journaling card in the envelope, and an ephemera piece that can be used as a journaling card behind it.

And here is the inside of the back cover which I love. I used a large glassine envelope with a large journaling card inside, a tuck spot on the front with a tag, and an ephemera piece behind the envelope.

I’ll have to keep experimenting with these glassine bags and envelopes. I had so much fun using them!

Junk journal

Unicorn journal

Yay, made my first unicorn junk journal in this paper bag series.

I used to love unicorns. I still like them but when I was a kid I used to collect them. So I was excited to make this journal.

Here are the front pages:

I had fun with some silver glitter ribbons with this, and of course with the beautiful images.

Here’s a look at my favourite pages:

And here are the pages with a large pocket on the inside of the back cover.

What do you think?

Junk journal

Got my first junk journal supply haul from Etsy

I’m so excited to get this package!

Ever since I saw all these supplies that I’d never even heard of through watching fellow junk journalers on YouTube, I’ve had a list of to-buy-items.

For this haul I got glassine bags and envelopes, garment/bulb pins, library cards and pockets, ledger paper, and lace.

It’s all from A Tattered Dream and I love it all! I’ve already created one vintage journal using these to embellish some pages.

I’m looking forward to making a large glassine bag junk journal since it was a glassine bag junk journal that inspired my paper bag journal series.

So fun!

Here’s a video sharing my haul:


Blog troubles and vote for new name

Oh my goodness, I’m having so many problems with the new journal blog.

First, most of the posts aren’t showing up for some reason and I have no idea why.

Second, I’m having trouble re-writing posts in the past tense. It just doesn’t capture the same excitement I had in the moment.

Third, the doubling up of blogs and posts is very time-consuming and tedious work. I’ve realised it would take me forever to catch up with posts. Especially since I want to include new posts as well.

So, I’m going to stick with this blog because it captures my journey with junk journaling in real-time.

This means I’m going to make quite a few changes to this blog. I’m going to cut out anything that isn’t journal related, I’m going to redesign it, and I’m going to hopefully take it in a slightly new direction where I include posts about journaling in general. Why I do it, why I love it, my journaling process, etc. And I hope to include interviews, tutorials, and giveaways.

I’m also going to have to come up with a new name. I’d really appreciate your help with this so I have a few options that you can vote for. I’ve included a bit of the reasoning behind them:

  • Junk Journal Treasures – Pretty self-explanatory; I create journals that are also treasures.
  • Fairy Wren – This one’s more symbolic since I love fairy wrens and the colour blue.
  • Sparkle Journal or Sparkle Journals – Because I love anything glittery and it has a bit of a rhyme.
  • Willow – Another symbolic one. I used to love playing in a weeping willow. It was magical and a special memory, so this captures the magic of journals and memory keeping.
  • Fairy Light Journals – Symbolic again. I used to have fairy lights on my bedroom ceiling. Again, it was magical and another special memory.It was unique and I like the idea of each journal being unique for each person.
  • Journal Heaven – A tribute to the love of journals.
  • Sapphire Slippers – Very symbolic and a play on ruby slippers where a journal feels like home. Also, stepping into magical worlds.
  • Bluebird or Blue Butterfly – Again, because I love blue and these are my things. I collect them and always ask for them in happy mail.

Okay, so I’ve been playing around with so many ideas. Please help – hehe!

Please let know which name you like best and why. I’m trying to capture a certain feeling with the name to show what journaling is about for me: memories, a home, beauty, inspiration, magic, writing, creativity, etc.

Thanks so much for sticking with me and please bear with me as I make some changes to this blog over this next stage.

Junk journal

Custom order faith journals

My faith journals are my biggest hit. They’re my best sellers by far and people have been requesting custom orders.

I tailor the journals for them with the colours, themes, tags, and quotes.

A friend of mine is buying one for her nan’s birthday, so I made two journals that she can choose from, the one above and this one below:

They’re exactly the same style but with a different range of papers and tags.

Here’s a look at some of the pages: