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Vote for my new journal blog and business name

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my previous post asking for help with a new name.

After doing three polls in various groups I’m part of, I’ve narrowed it down to two-ish options and I’m stuck because my heart wants one option but my head thinks the other option might be wiser.

Willow resonated with most people and I really want to include that word because of what it represents: wonder, precious memories, home – all ideas that also capture what a journal is about for me.

Willow Journals is already taken, as is Willow Pages and variations. But Willowbound was suggested, or Willowbound Journals. What do you think?

The other option is Silk Journals because I’m also a writer, my email is wordslikesilk, and I self-publish memoirs through Words Like Silk which I hope to turn into a writing business one day.

Words Like Silk is about the love and power of writing to help people. It’s also about self-expression, creativity, using your voice, and sharing stories, in general. Through it I’d love to have branches like writing courses, a stationery line, storytelling through art, etc.

So I could have things like Silk Journals, Silk Stationery, Silk Art, etc. Or I can use a specific name that is more meaningful to each branch that captures what it’s about for me, like Willowbound for journals.

Either way, Words Like Silk will be the umbrella, but do I go with the generic, easy Silk option or the more meaningful but less simple, unique name option?

Another thing to consider is Willow has resonated with a lot of people, but I’m not sure if Silk Journals on its own even resonates with people.

My heart is with Willowbound because of the meaning behind it, but Silk might be the wiser choice in terms of business and branding.

What do I do? Argh! Haha, at least I’ve narrowed it down. Any help would be super appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Vote for my new journal blog and business name”

  1. The Silken Willow, Silken Bound Willow, Willow Silk, Silk and Willow, Silk and the Journal, Willowbound Silk, Bounded Silk and Willow, Of Silk and Willow…
    Sorry, I got carried away trying to marry the words so that you can have both ❤


    1. Love it! I’ve been doing the same thing. I wanted to find a way to combine them but the ones I like are taken – do’h! But I’ve actually decided to choose one or the other because I want one very clear idea to work with. Whichever I choose, writing and memory keeping will be implied by both. But Silk mainly promotes more the writing side, while Willow is more specific with the memory keeping and world of wonder journaling is.
      And I’m thinking as standalone names, which one will resonate more, both as a name and as an idea. At the moment I’m more concerned about the idea rather than the name itself, which is why I lean towards Willow, but I’m not business savvy or name savvy, so maybe I’m wrong.


  2. I voted for silk journals, because if I saw the words willow bound I would expect the journals to be bound n something to do with willow, whereas the silk has meanings to do with fabric.. I do have a very literal mind though!


    1. Haha, yeah, I’m going for a more symbolic meaning where silk for me is about writing and inspiration (my favourite book character is named Silk and the book blew me away), and willow is about wonder, precious memories, etc. because I used to play under one when I was little. It was my favourite place: a home but also a world of wonder. It was the feature point of our yard, it was massive and when you went under it no-one could see you behind the leaves. Am I selling it to you – hehe!

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        1. Hmm, your comments are definitely helping to clarify for me. So, my priority in a name is actually the idea rather than people knowing what they’re buying. My rationale is my two favourite junk journal businesses have names that don’t even mention journals and you wouldn’t have any idea what they sold, but what their name represents is so filled with meaning and I love them. And all their journals and journaling is about what that name means to them. It inspired me to find a name that represents what journaling is for me. And so, if people like the reasoning behind Willow, then that’s what I’m after.
          Plus, the votes across three groups are showing Willow is winning b a mile, so it’s resonating with people. My junk journal friends all said to put Willow in the name after I told them the story behind it.
          I think in the end,
          So I think I’m going to have to go with the majority vote, otherwise what was the point of the vote – hehe.
          But thank you so much for your input. It really helps me work all this out. It’s been a nightmare, going round in circles, thinking of a name. And I guess in the end, it’s not going to be set in stone. I can always change it if my style changes or if what I’m about changes.


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