Junk journal

What shall I call my journals?

I’ve now sold 11 junk journals, I’ve got custom orders, and people have been asking if I have a website where I sell my journals.

So I’m looking at setting up a business and maybe even going to markets.

The only thing is people really don’t like the name junk journal. They look confused when I tell them I make junk journals and they picture something made from trash.

Yes, I upcycle unwanted books and give new life to them, but they are works of art. One-of-a-kind keepsake notebooks that are designed to inspire and every one of them is made with love.

Once people see my journals, they love them as much as I do, but they don’t want to call them junk journals.

I can totally understand this, and I want a name that reflects the beauty in these journals and the treasures they are.

Maybe I just call them journals. Would that work?

Then there’s the question of a business name. I want something that captures what junk journaling is all about for me: creativity, writing, memory keeping, inspiration, love. How do I capture that in a business name?

Or do I go for something that is more symbolic? E.g. I love blue butterflies and birds. So maybe Blue Butterfly or Bluebird or Fairy Wren?

I feel like I can’t start my business or website until I have a name.

Any ideas?