Junk journal

New covers made for junk journals

With the stack of books I got for free from a neighbour, I got creative.

I stripped the pages and decorated the covers.

I tried something new by covering one cover with some fabric that I got from the latest happy mail I received:

The I covered a book with some beautiful paper a friend bought me:

I liked it so much that I created two of these:

I really love these two covers and will definitely look to get more fabric to decorate covers:

Then I used some more papers I got in happy mail to create the next three covers.

The first one is vintage themed:

The second one is writing themed:

I love this one. I’m thinking of keeping this one for me to use as a writer’s notebook:

Here’s the next cover:

And then I used some scrapbook paper to decorate the last cover:

Now just got to put the papers together and bind them in to the covers to make beautiful one-of-a-kid journals.

Which cover is your favourite?


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