Happy Mail

Next happy mail to the Netherlands

Here’s the next package I’m sending overseas for a happy mail swap.

I’ve now got the goal to do a happy mail swap with people from as many countries as possible.

So far I’ve got Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, and now the Netherlands.

I’m hoping to do one a month.

Junk journal

Book haul for junk journals

I picked up these twenty books from a neighbour yesterday.

She knew I made junk journals and asked me if I’d like to go to her house and pick out some old books that she was going to get rid of.

Of course I jumped at the offer. I could have taken more books but I didn’t want to fill my house with them. Not until I have a better storage and production system, at least.

I took a whole bunch of books for their covers. Some I took for their pictures, and others for their pages that I can use in junk journals.

Time to get busy crafting!

Junk journal

Green vintage junk journal

I made a second journal in this book cover series, this time a green one.

I made it in the vintage style with coffee-dyed papers and my usual range of papers that include music paper, book pages, scrapbook paper, paper bags, note paper, colouring pages, and magazine pages from my favourite magazine called Daphne’s Diary.

I also included some Project Life cards and some flaps, pockets, and an envelope.

Here’s a look at some of the spreads: