Junk journal

Made my first cover with a Little Golden Book

I’ve wanted to make junk journals out of Little Golden Books for a while.

I watched a YouTube tutorial showing how to make a cover. Then I gave it a go.

I used some chipboard for the spine from the backing of one of my drawing paper pads. I bought a scarf at an op-shop to use the material to cover the spine. And I bought the book from an op-shop too.

For a first effort, I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s a bit wonky but hopefully I’ll get better at lining up the material and sticking it down nice and straight.

I haven’t worked with material before so it’s a learning process.

Now I’ve just got to put the signatures together and bind them into the cover.

Here’s the YouTube video that helped me make this junk journal cover:

Now that I know how to turn Little Golden Books into junk journal covers, I’ll definitely buy more. I’ll also buy more material and experiment with different types and see what works best.

Will keep you posted with progress and share photos of the journals when they are done.

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