Junk journal

Junk journal supply haul

I love going to op-shops and looking for junk journal supplies.

I look for music paper, vintage books, books with poems or beautiful illustrations, and books that I can use for their covers or to make a themed junk journal.

I look for papers from school books, notebooks, and colouring books.

I look for cards, envelopes, postcards, old photos, interesting pictures.

I look for vintage sewing patterns. Sometimes I also get sewing magazines.

I get scrapbook papers from art and craft shops.

I also look for stickers, tags, sequins, and other embellishments.

I also get my glues and tapes. I love double-sided tape and craft glue. Sometimes I also use a standard glue stick.

For Christmas I was given some art supplies that I can also use for junk jouranling.

Some floral origami papers, some letters, and a little inspirational book.

I’ve already included some of these papers and pictures from the book in three Happy Mail packages.

Where do you like to get your junk journal or art project supplies?


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