Junk journal

Sold two faith junk journals

So excited to have sold two more junk journals. This is the first lot of faith junk journals that I sold.

One person bought them, one for herself and one for her sister.

She said she’d been wanting something like this. She likes the idea of using the scriptures, prompts, quotes, and prayers on the pages as inspiration. I love that!

She’s looking to buy more to give to others as well. To help girls with the Bible reading, devotions, and journey with God.

That makes me so excited because that’s what these journals are for. An inspirational, beautiful place that people are excited to go to, to write and create in, and to engage with God in. Something fun and interesting as opposed to a blank notebook.

The two journals are very similar and now that I know people like them, I’ll be making a bunch more.

I showed some of the youth girls the journals I make and they all wanted one. One already has a journal on hold and the others all put in requests for faith junk journals as well as the more generic junk journals.

Better get to work!

Junk journal

Making vintage ephemera

I’ve been wanting to make my own ephemera for a while but since I’d never done it before, I delayed.

I just had to watch enough YouTube videos for inspiration and then I gave it a go.

I had some tags that I cut out and coffee-dyed so I used them to start with. I collaged them so they had a back and front and so that at least one side had space to journal on.

Some of the tags also have pockets with an extra journaling card tucked in.

I also had some coffee-dyed envelopes so I decorated them with some scraps.

Very basic but adds a little interest to them. Especially since I usually just stick in plain envelopes.

I love using envelopes as flaps in junk journals so people can put their own journaling cards, letters, or ephemera in them.

Then I created some journaling with a Tim Holtz ephemera pack.

I can use these to tuck into pockets in junk journals and you simply journal on the back of them.

I used mostly TIm Holtz products for this set of vintage ephemera.

Now I’ll have to make some vintage junk journals so I can use it all.

Junk journal

Next faith junk journal made – SOLD

People have been liking my spiral bound junk journals with their ribbons, tags, and full page spreads.

The advantage these journals have over the handbound ones are that there are no signatures so the pages aren’t folded in half. This means I stick full pages onto the pages that are already in the notebook and they can be full size.

The disadvantage is fewer pages but it does create a beautiful book where the pages are more for inspiration than creating your own spreads on the page.

Although, this junk journal can be used either way. You can just look at the pretty pages and use the note paper to journal on or you can collage and write over all the pages.

I prefer the handbound journals so I can create on the pages, but I definitely see why people are drawn to the spiral bound journals. They’re so pretty!

And for an inspirational faith journal, this kind of journal is great. A book to write prayers, or take bible notes, or a God journal, or devotional journal.

It’s a junk journal that you not only can fill in but that can fill you with the scriptures, prayers, prompts, and colouring pages for inspiration.

Thanks so much for checking out my faith junk journal.

Junk journal

Finished faith junk journal – Given away

I finally finished this junk journal and sewed in the signatures.

Love packing it full of so many different types of pages from Bibles, notebooks, colouring books, scrapbook paper, and other papers.

I also love including illustrations from children’s Bibles.

There’s also Christian music paper, quotes, prayers, and prompt pages.

Here’s a look at some of the spreads.


Junk journal

Made my first cover with a Little Golden Book

I’ve wanted to make junk journals out of Little Golden Books for a while.

I watched a YouTube tutorial showing how to make a cover. Then I gave it a go.

I used some chipboard for the spine from the backing of one of my drawing paper pads. I bought a scarf at an op-shop to use the material to cover the spine. And I bought the book from an op-shop too.

For a first effort, I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s a bit wonky but hopefully I’ll get better at lining up the material and sticking it down nice and straight.

I haven’t worked with material before so it’s a learning process.

Now I’ve just got to put the signatures together and bind them into the cover.

Here’s the YouTube video that helped me make this junk journal cover:

Now that I know how to turn Little Golden Books into junk journal covers, I’ll definitely buy more. I’ll also buy more material and experiment with different types and see what works best.

Will keep you posted with progress and share photos of the journals when they are done.

Junk journal

My very first YouTube video

Eek, made my very first YouTube video of my 2017 junk journal.

I’ve finally plucked up the courage and made a video and posted it online. Argh! Nerve-wracking.

Mind the awkwardness and beginner’s set-up. Hopefully I’ll get better at this the more videos I do.

This video is a flip-through of my first ever personal junk journal that records all the best memories from 2017.

Hope you like it and get inspired in your journaling.

Let me know what you think and if you have any tips to a YouTube newbie.

Do you junk journal?

Junk journal

Little Women junk journal

This is such a sweet book so when I saw an illustrated version in an op-shop, I knew I could make a junk journal out of it.

I used some of the pictures for the cover and love the round picture for the front.

All of the pages are included in the junk journal. They’re all different sizes and I love seeing both the illustrations and the text.

And of course there are the normal range of papers with pockets and tuck spots.

My favourite character was always Beth.

Which was your favourite sister?

Junk journal

More junk journal supplies

I picked up this mini haul from two op-shops today.

I’m planning to use the material to make spines for some Little Golden Book junk journals. They’re actually scarves and I’m not sure how it’s going to work but will give it a go.

The doily and stickers are for a happy mail package. Some of the ribbons will go in the package too; others I’ll keep for my own junk journals.

I got the book on the right just for the cover. I made a Little Women junk journal using all the pages from the Little Women book and the cover from that navy book. I’ll post some photos of it later.

I’ll make a junk journal out of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie book too. Since it has a lot of pages, I’ll probably make multiple journals from it.

Junk journal

Working on a new faith junk journal

I used a book cover to make the cover for this journal. I covered the front, back and spine with some pictures from a magazine-style Bible.

I used pictures from a children’s prayer book for the insides of the covers.

I’ve made up the four signatures. I’ve just got to bind them into the cover.

I’ll put up a post with pictures when I finish this junk journal.