Junk journal

The Sign of the Seahorse junk journal

Here’s the third junk journal I’ve done in the series of books by Graeme Base.

I made pockets on the front and back covers:

Front cover
Back cover

This one had more pages so I used the extra ones to add decoration to pages and and makes pockets with tags.

I love including the pages both as actual pages for the journal and as decoration spread throughout. And I love the beautiful, vibrant pictures along with the writing.

I used lots of music paper since music notes were a recurring theme in the book.

And my dad gave me a really old book which was a Domestic Dictionary. It had pictures in it. I found pages with pictures of sea life and included them in the journal.

This is definitely my favourite journal of the three in the series.

Look forward to making more junk journals from books.

I’d love to do an Alice in Wonderland junk journal and a Cinderella one.

Which book would you love a junk journal to be made from?


Junk journal

Made an Animalia junk journal

Here’s the second junk journal I made using the pages from a book.

This time I used Animalia. I love the beautiful pictures. Especially the peacock. Such a stunning bird. So I  used the peacock for the cover.

I cut out some of the words and pictures to stick on some of the pages. I also made pockets for the inside of the covers.

Then I interspersed the pages of the book with other paper: music paper, scrapbook paper, lined paper, etc.

It’s so fun creating these journals. Definitely loving this style. One more book to go from this series. Will put up the post soon.

Happy Mail

Receiving and sending more happy mail

I was so excited to have this package waiting for me when I returned from holidays.

I love the mystery and surprise.

I received this package from America and, wow, there was a lot! I especially love the papers and lace trims.

Can’t wait to use these supplies in junk journals.

I put together this package to send back:

I love putting together these packages.

I included a range of papers: book pages, magazine pages, scrapbook paper, music paper, colouring pages, notebook pages.

There are tags, fabrics, ribbons, stickers, and some extra goodies like an owl pendant and purple scarf.

Junk journal

Made an Eleventh Hour junk journal

I helped a friend declutter some bookshelves and got to take home three Graeme Bass books to make junk journals.

I’ve seen people make junk journals using all the pages in books, and I wanted to give it a go.

I had so much fun making this, and I love how it turned out.

I gutted a hardcover book and used the cover for the junk journal. It’s a larger size than I usually do, and it’s very sturdy.

It gives is a quality feel making this journal a bit more special. Add to that the beautiful pictures from the picture book, and I’m pretty impressed by this one.

I included every page from the book in the junk journal. I even included the back section with all the puzzles revealed.

Then, of course, I interspersed them with other papers: scrapbook paper, lined paper, music paper, note paper, blank paper.

Definitely going to make more of this style.

Here are the two other books to make junk journals with: