Junk journal

Junk journal giveaway

In the lead up to Christmas I thought I’d do a giveaway.

Here is a handbound journal I’m giving away:

This experimental journal will give you a taste of what a junk journal looks like to see if you like them. It is valued at $20 since it has a couple of slight flaws as I was getting the hang of how to make them, so they’re a good option to play around with them before you buy something more expensive and polished.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Junk journal giveaway”

    1. Thanks so much and congratulations for winning the handbound junk journal – yay!!!!! I’ve got your package ready with some extra goodies to help you get started. Just email me your name, address, and country and I’ll send it to you Monday: wordslikesilk@gmail.com. (All details will be kept confidential and deleted when I send the package.)

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