Junk journal

My favourite junk journal so far – SOLD

I bought a hardcover book from an opshop, gutted it and used it to make this junk journal.

It’s the largest one I’ve made and so I could really show off the papers.

I decorated the covers and spine with Tim Holtz paper.

The signatures are made from tea and coffee-dyed papers and more of the Tim Holtz papers interspersed.

Thinking of keeping this one for myself to use as my 2018 junk journal.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

Junk journal

Made a junk journal with tea-dyed paper

For this junk journal I used an old book cover. I gutted it, pulling out the pages, then handbound my signatures in it.

For the signatures I used the paper I tea and coffee-dyed. I also used pages from a Tim Holtz paper pad.

I’m experimenting with the vintage style junk journal and so far I think it’s my favourite style.

Pretty happy with this first go at it.


New art supplies

I’ve been discovering new art brands through YouTube and the world of junk journaling.

My favourite at the moment is Tim Holtz. So I got a mini Tim Holtz haul.

I love his vintage stuff and the ephemera. Was so excited to get my first craft ephemera. But most of all I loved the pocket cards.

I discovered journal cards through YouTube as well and was on the lookout for them. Then I discovered Project Life does a range of journal cards so in my next craft haul I got two sets.

I absolutely love them!

I also got a round corner punch and some Tim Holtz stickers.

Junk journaling has certainly opened up a whole new world for me!

Junk journal

My first go at coffee/tea staining paper

I’m trying out so many new things this year now that I’ve discovered junk journaling. Next on the list was coffee and tea staining paper.

I love the vintage look for junk journals but instead of buying papers with pictures I want to have a good supply of blank vintage looking paper.

So I tried making my ow for the first time and love how it turned out.

The coffee definitely worked better than the tea. But I like how I’ve got a range of shades from light to dark.

I experimented with adding drops to the pages but I think I just like the blank ones so I can intersperse them with papers with pictures.

The problem is, now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop because I want enough to make lots of journals with. So fun!

Happy Mail

Received my first Happy Mail

I got my first Happy Mail today and, wow, it surpassed my expectations.

There are so many beautiful craft supplies that I love.

I said that I liked butterflies, peacocks, blue, sparkles, and vintage, and I got all those things in the package!!!

It definitely made me happy and put a smile on my face. Made my day.

As soon as I finished going through all the beautiful supplies, I started making another package to send back.

Later I’ll go shopping to find some extra special things and then I’ll send it next week. So fun!

Junk journal

Made another handbound junk journal – SOLD

Spent yesterday morning making this junk journal.

Getting the hang of binding the signatures to the cover, lining them up and and making them look neat.

I experimented and made pockets and fold-out pages before the binding instead of after. Will definitely do that again.

Would you believe I made it out of a biscuit box?

This is one of my favourites.

What do you think?