Happy Mail

Sending more mail

After receiving surprise mail from a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to send more mail.

So I made a little pack for the fellow blogger and one for another person I met through a different blog.

This other person helped me process some things in my life through many emails over a few years. She was an amazing listening ear with no judgement and she helped me to be okay with vulnerability. There were things I couldn’t tell people out of fear but I told her because it was easier to tell a stranger. This then led to me being able to open up with people in my life.

I’m so thankful for her and the part she’s played in my life, so I always want to stay in contact with her and we mail each other letters now (since I don’t need email to vent to her anymore).

I love using words and creativity to encourage people, and it’s so cool that I can do this even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Definitely love mail.

Anyone else love sending mail?


5 thoughts on “Sending more mail”

  1. I LOVE sending people letters and cards. From time to time, I’ve thought aboit sending you a card, but then wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate. But if you’d enjoy them, I’d love to include in my random card mailings!


    1. Me too! It’s so fun. Every year I like to send out a bulk lot. One year I even had a goal to send 52 letters/cards and actually managed to do it. I don’t do that many anymore, but still like to send some each year.
      Oh, definitely, I love getting cards too – hehe! That would be so lovely. And of course I’ll send one back. So fun!

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