Junk journal

Setting up my junk journal

I made a cover for my 2017  junk journal by using some papers from a paper pad that a friend bought me for my birthday.

It’s a simple cover but I love how it turned out like windows and the papers are so pretty.

I also made some charms for the spine of the journal.

It includes a cowboy hat charm and two glass beads that I got when I went to Camp Cobbold, a bracelet that a stranger gave me for my birthday, and a vial of blue glitter that I got from my mum for my birthday.

There’s room for more charms in case I get anything else I want to add by the end of the year. And I left the back cover blank and will wait to see what other papers I get.

The last thing I did to set up my journal was add some cards to the first pages. One is a name card and the other is for details I’ll record for every journal I make: date made, number of pages, date started, date finished, my signature, and what the journal is used for.

Yay, ready to get to some actual junk journaling now and decorate the pages with pictures and ephemera. Still not sure how exactly I’m going to do this but trying not to be a perfectionist and just have fun and learn from the process.

Any other junk journalers out there?