My personal junk journal

Now that I can bookbind, I’ve made myself a junk journal.

I made myself a spiral bound one before but it wasn’t in a style that suited what I wanted to use it for. Plus, the handbound journals are so much better than the spiral bound version.

Here are the tools I use: awl, bookbinding needle, thread.

I used a hardcover book cover with five signatures (the bobby pins keep the pages aligned while I bind them to the cover):

And here’s what it looks like with the signatures all nicely bound in the cover:

So this is my 2017 junk journal where I’ll capture the major moments of the year. Thus, I only used papers in the signatures that are relevant to 2017 along with the filler blank pages.

They include pamphlets, drawings from my niece and nephews, music paper I bought, and pages from a colouring book.

I love that I can actually use the ephemera as pages. I even included a piece of a bandana that I got from a camp.

I’m so excited. Now I can finally fill this journal with all the ephemera I’ve collected from this year and record all the memories.