Junk journal

Made a personal junk journal and how I’m going to use it

Finally, after making four junk journals I found a style that I want to work with.

It’s the simpler version so I can add the ephemera and embellishments when I actually journal. The idea with this journal being that I can decorate it as I go rather than be restricted by pages that have already been decorated.

So, the cover is simple and I can decorate it later if I want:

The pages are a mix of scrapbook pages, music paper, pattern paper, pages from other notebooks, book pages, as well as pages made from my own ephemera.

Here are some of the pages:

A picture from my nephew on the left, lots of tags on the right in a tuck spot
Pages from The Hobbit which I read this year. (They’re from an old copy, I have another copy on my bookshelf.)
Pages from a colouring-in journal I was given as a present at the start of the year.
One of the colouring pages from the book I got from my grandma when she died earlier this year.

As I was creating this journal I figured out how I’m going to use it.  It’s going to be a 2017 junk journal where I’ll journal the milestones and memorable moments from this year and add all the ephemera I’ve collected just for this year.

That way it’s a themed journal and I’ll be able to find anything to do with 2017 in it. If it works out well I’ll make a junk journal for every year. And depending on how much ephemera I’ve collected in previous years, I can make a junk journal for each past year too.

I think this way of organising the junk journal will work for me because I can still have my daily writing journal and it won’t overlap too much. Plus, it works because instead of having a file with the ephemera I’ve collected for each year, I can have a junk journal.

So excited to finally have a system that might work for me since finding a way to organise how I record my life from birth till now has been the biggest wrestle.

Still got a few things to work out though. Not sure if I’ll journal randomly in the book jumping round the pages or work through it from cover to cover. And not sure if I’ll journal as I go or leave the journal till the end of each year and fill it in. Or maybe I can do a thing where I journal once a week or once a month to record the year.

For now, I don’t think I can wait with my 2017 journal. Just want to get started and experiment. And since so much of the year has passed anyway, I have a lot to journal.

Here’s my 2017 stash of ephemera I’ve collected:

It includes letters, cards, artwork from my niece and nephews, business cards from places I’ve gone too, some vintage ephemera and pictures that I like, peacock feathers, a ribbon I wore to my first dance performance, plane tickets, and so much more.

I’m also going to include a list of all the books I read in 2017, the movies I saw, and will keep two pages free for my list of favourites which is something I do every New Year’s Eve (e.g. favourite food, season, day, flower, etc.). It’s cool to look back on and see how I’ve changed.

My simple junk journal for 2017.

6 thoughts on “Made a personal junk journal and how I’m going to use it”

    1. I’m definitely so glad I found this idea, now I”m hooked. I used an A5 visual diary because it has thick pages that can take the glue and papers and it’s spiral bound which I find easy to work with.

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