Junk journal

Made my fourth junk journal – SOLD

This one’s a little different. I love the pink ribbon around it which is so soft, I love touching it.

The notebook I started off with wasn’t a visual diary but just a normal spiral-bound notebook with lined pages.

The pages were thinner and I wasn’t sure if they’d be strong enough to withstand the glue and extra layers of paper but it did really well.

I like how it creates a thinner junk journal with slightly more pages than the visual diary.

Since the pages were thinner and more fragile, I went for a simpler style with less embellishments and more blank pages.

It’s still got envelopes, tags, pockets, and tuck spots though because it’s important for me that a journal has lots of space to write on or decorate with photos and ephemera.

This journal is more of a traditional junk journal where I included pages from random things like a colouring book, paper from other notebooks, music paper, and pattern paper.

I discovered I really liked this simple version and it gave me the inspiration, finally, for my own junk journal.

I found that I like to have some room to create my own page once I know what I want to put on the page rather than have pretty pages already made up.

Back to this journal . . . I think of it as good beginner junk journal for those who have never had one before and are unsure of what to do with one.

It’s less intimidating than the fancy journals with lots of embellishments. Lots of people say they could never write in something so pretty, so this simpler version gives more freedom to actually use the journal and make it your own without worrying about ‘messing it up.’

I guess that’s why I want my first junk journal that I use to be a simpler version.

What’s your favourite way to journal?