Junk journal

Made my third junk journal – SOLD

I am so loving junk journaling at the moment.

With some birthday money and a trip to Melbourne I stocked up on supplies including vintage ephemera from op-shops and a paper pack that I think will make three or four journals.

I also discovered double-sided tape which I will definitely get again and put on my list of junk journal essentials.

For this journal I used the paper pack which is pink, purple and blue themed. I’ll make a series of three of four journals with this theme. I love the swans and the gold foil.

Along with the paper pack I used papers from other notebooks, pages from an old book, pages from a colouring book, and vintage patterns.

There are also cards, envelopes, tags, pockets, lots of tuck spots and other bits ad pieces.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:

It’s so much fun making these. Ready to get started on my fourth journal.

I plan to make a whole collection of junk journals in different styles and sell them to spread the joy of creativity and journaling. When they sell out I’ll then make another lot and keep on going.

Plus I want to make some for me too and I’ll use them to journal my life from birth to now. Not sure if I’ll do it chronologically or randomly but so excited by this idea.

I’ve wanted to record my life for a long time but never knew how to do it. I’ve attempted it in the past with journals and scrapbooks and folders, but I took them apart each time because they didn’t cover everything I wanted.

Now that I’ve learnt this new style where I can include papers, letters, fabric, photos, and bits of ephemera that I’ve collected throughout my life and filed, I’m so keen to junk journal my life.

I love that I can add creativity to all the things I’ve collected and all the things I want to record as well.

Have you tried junk journaling?


9 thoughts on “Made my third junk journal – SOLD”

    1. I haven’t actually used a junk journal yet but I so love making them. When I’ve experimented enough I’ll make one to use.
      I got started by getting a spiral bound notebook and basically decorating the pages from my stash and from craft hauls. E.g. Scrapbook paper, cards, envelopes, tags, washi tape, etc. What I love is that you can use a combination of different things including ephemera that I’ve collected over the years like letters, birthday cards, report cards, artwork, etc. You can either use them as the pages themselves or to decorate pages or to journal onto a decorated page. So many options – makes it so fun. Still working out what I like best, e.g. whether I like more plain and simple pages, if I want my own ephemera to be a page or to decorate a page with it via journaling. We’ll see how we go. I don’t want to cut up or glue anything of mine yet so I’m mostly using scrapbook paper, paper from notebooks, and opshop books at the moment.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you want more info or I didn’t explain that too well.

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